2018 Tennessee Housing Market and Real Estate Market Predictions

Tennessee has seen growth unlike anything before over the past several years. As of the end of 2017, Northeast Tennessee saw tremendous increase in home value and home price.Northeast Tennessee has also been credited with leading the entire region out of the recession that hit the rest of the country around 2008 and has continued to perform exceedingly well since that time. Quick Navigation What to Expect in the Tennessee Housing … [Read more...]

2015 Tennessee Housing Market Predictions

Like much of the rest of the country, the Tennessee Housing Market experienced a steady increase this past year in terms of home values. Housing market predictions see this trend continuing into next year. Harold Crye, the president of Tennessee’s biggest real estate firm, said that sales would rise about 5% in 2015. About the economy he stated, “The jobs don’t quite seem to be there” yet, but “they’re picking up.” You can compare this year's … [Read more...]

2013 Tennessee Housing Market

Nashville real estate professionals expect local property prices to outpace the nation in appreciation through 2013. “In my research, I found that most experts predict … the average price nationally to increase by 1 percent, and in Nashville most experts think the average price will increase from 2 – 3 percent,” wrote Steve Jolly of Nashville Real Estate Now (“Home Price Forecast for 2013,” Oct. 2, 2012). However, the housing market will … [Read more...]

Twenty Five Percent of Real Estate Markets to Appreciate

Nearly a quarter of the real estate markets Housing Predictor forecasts in 2008 will see appreciation, while the majority are projected to deflate with slower home sales. Some 251 markets are forecast in all 50 states for the year with 191 projected to depreciate. Sixty are forecast to appreciate. Those forecast to appreciate are generally less populous or have experienced slower housing cycles than the rest of the country, and most are … [Read more...]

2012 Tennessee Housing Market

Home prices that are lower than many other regions of the U.S. and changing attitudes regarding business growth are still attracting more newcomers to many regions of Tennessee, despite the hurting national economy. The state saw more growth during the real estate boom than at any other time. A bulging inventory of homes for sale, however, is holding back the Nashville market, which is the biggest in the state, from entering any sort of … [Read more...]

America’s Watchdog to Rescue Disaster Victims

By Mike Colpitts An organization that gained national fame for helping homeowners and businesses in natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina is offering free aid to homeowners and businesses that suffered property damage or were destroyed in the series of tornadoes that tore through the south-eastern corridor of the U.S. America's Watchdog is coming to the rescue of disaster victims in hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural … [Read more...]

Disaster Housing Relief Provided in 8 States

By Mike Colpitts As anxieties rise with the floodwaters along the mighty Mississippi River and residents flee for higher ground, the U.S. government is gearing up for the largest disaster aid commitment it has ever made. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has already dedicated funds to help disaster victims in eight states, including immediate foreclosure relief and funds for temporary housing. Eight Alabama counties have been … [Read more...]

Housing Watch Index Shows Improving Trends

By Kevin Chiu Starting today Housing Predictor debuts a new real estate index. Housing markets that make the new “Watch List” are being monitored closely for changing economic conditions in the near future as a result of at least two improving economic trends. Some of the markets on the list have already been forecast to experience real estate appreciation in 2011. Others show the likelihood of moving in that direction. Employment is the … [Read more...]

2011 Tennessee Housing Market

Driven by a stronger economy than most of the nation and higher employment levels in its major cities, Tennessee is sustaining the real estate crash better than most of the U.S. That isn’t to say the state is out of the woods yet, but the hills of Tennessee are looking better than a lot of the country. Sluggish home sales produced by weak consumer sentiment riding over the housing market are keeping the lid on a quick recovery. Home prices … [Read more...]

2010 Tennessee Housing Market

In a strange twist of fate, the Tennessee housing market is forecast to experience improving conditions from its downturn as a direct result of massive flooding and severe weather that inundated much of the state. Higher home sales are projected to result as homeowners who have lost their homes in the devastating flooding, and other owners who are giving up on rebuilding purchase other homes. Improving market conditions should materialize as … [Read more...]