Our Real Estate Predictions for the South Carolina Housing Market

Are you interested in selling your home sometime soon? If so, you’re probably hoping to sell when the market is right. Some people are so intent on selling at the right time that they purposefully hold out until the market turns in their favor. However, not everyone has luxury to wait to sell their home. Due to their circumstances, they have to sell ASAP. Whatever your circumstances may be, it’s still important to learn about the … [Read more...]

2015 South Carolina Housing Market Predictions

The South Carolina Housing Market is seeing a steady increase in home values and looks to continue this trend for the near future. Home values have increased 3% this past year and Zillow predicts that they will continue to rise another 2.6% for the next year. South Carolina Real Estate is primed for continued growth along with much of the nation. “It’s not a huge influx. It’s just kind of a steady healthy growth,” says real estate agent Danny … [Read more...]