2016 South Dakota Real Estate Market Predictions

The 40th state is South Dakota which joined the United States in 1889. Known as The Mount Rushmore State, it is the 17th largest state at 77,116 square miles. But, does the South Dakota real estate market mirror the grand size of the state. The population is 814,180 making it 46th in the nation. The population has seen growth of 4 percent in the past five years (since 2011). South Dakota’s geography mostly consists the Great Plains, Badlands, and … [Read more...]

2015 South Dakota Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

We are all aware of the current crisis hitting North Dakota in regards to the drop in oil and agriculture prices, two key industries in the state. So how does this affect the 2015 Housing Market in South Dakota real estate? The answer is very little. South Dakota has its own agriculture issues, but the state also heavily depends on the service industry (retail, finance, health care) as well as tourism (Black Hills, Deadwood, Mount Rushmore). So … [Read more...]

2014 South Dakota Housing Market

At this point, I'm sure you're all very familiar with the successes and shortcomings of the 2014 North Dakota housing market. This market was predicated with respect to its economy. South Dakota’s neighboring state to the north experienced an oil boom that (so far) kept its housing market balanced, prices high, and economic conditions prosperous for sellers. Can the same be said about the 2014 South Dakota housing market? Real estate data and … [Read more...]

The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

When considering which real estate markets are the best, it is wise to look at home sales among other aspects as this number often reveals a thriving real estate market. Below is a list of the top 25 real estate markets in America today from the least to the greatest: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: According to trulia.com, the median sales price for homes in Oklahoma City from April 13th to June 13th was $126,000. This represents an increase of … [Read more...]

2013 South Dakota Housing Market

South Dakota, and Sioux Falls in particular, saw a significant increase in real estate development in 2012 and is expected to see even more through 2013. At the same time, a rebounding construction industry in the state is lending a much needed boost to the overall economy. KDLT reported (“Sioux Falls Home Prices Could Rise,” Jan. 7, 2013) that while Sioux Falls home prices actually dropped somewhat in two out of the last four years, home … [Read more...]

Double Digit Appreciation Threatens Recovery

By Mike Colpitts Double digit housing appreciation being experienced in some of what were the hardest hit U.S. housing markets threatens to de-stabilize prices, add to consumer doubts about the economy and threatens the housing recovery, according to an analysis of cities that have experienced wild appreciation over the past few months. Higher home values are being driven in many of the hardest hit cities by record low mortgage rates, and … [Read more...]

Home Price Appreciation Jumps 2.5% for Year

By Mike Colpitts For the fourth straight month home values have increased in appreciation across the U.S., according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Prices increased 2.5% in June compared to a year ago in the 100 largest metro areas the company tracks. On a month-over-month basis, including foreclosure and short sales, home price appreciation rose 1.3% in June compared to May 2012. The company’s forward looking Home Price Index shows … [Read more...]

5 States Sustain Half of Foreclosures

By Ryan Jackson Nearly half of all foreclosures in the U.S. were in the five hardest hit states in the nation during June, with California, Florida and Michigan sustaining the highest number of failed mortgages, according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Texas and Georgia also suffered major losses in terms of foreclosed properties. Combined, the five account for 48.4% of formal lender repossessions. Most of the same states have … [Read more...]

Home Prices Rise 3 Straight Months

By Mike Colpitts Home prices rose for the third straight month in May across the U.S., according to real estate analytics company CoreLogic. On a year over year basis the firm said average prices rose 2.0%, and also increased 1.8% compared to a month earlier. The firm’s Housing Price Index, which tracks 100 of the nation’s top urban markets, including distress sales, which are foreclosures and short sales, indicates that house prices “will … [Read more...]

Home Values Rising in Hard Hit Markets

By Mike Colpitts A tighter inventory of homes listed on the market for sale are sending home values rising in some of the most unlikely U.S. housing markets, according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Three states which cities have experienced some of the steepest deflation in home values in the nation are witnessing appreciation. Hard hit Florida, Michigan and Arizona are seeing a boost in average home values. Led by long suffering … [Read more...]