Homeowners Crisis Builds New Wave

By Matt Weidner I’m a soldier, a street fighter, an attorney battling foreclosures on behalf of homeowners at the ground level, in the trenches, in courtrooms all across Florida. Let me save you the suspense and get right to the point. Things are worse than they've ever been and they are only going to get far, far worse as the foreclosure crisis builds a new wave. Ignore whatever fantasy and misinformation is spewing forth from the … [Read more...]

Best Bargain Real Estate Cities

By Mike Colpitts The best U.S. cities to find a bargain in real estate are made up of some of the hardest hit communities in the nation's housing market downturn. Housing Predictor analysts scoured the nation in efforts to find the best bargains in housing, and set up a rigid set of requirements to meet. Since the 3-bedroom home is the most popular commodity in housing we included it in our criteria along with two bathrooms, a minium of … [Read more...]

2011 South Carolina Housing Market

An uptick in home sales produced by federal tax credits ran-out of momentum after the program’s expiration. South Carolina is suffering through one of the harshest economic disasters in the U.S. as a result of the twin financial and foreclosure crisis as crime rates soar in much of the state. Home and condo buyers rushed to take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit for first time buyers before it ended, but then activity slowed to a pace that … [Read more...]

2010 South Carolina Housing Market

Hampered by rising job losses and high numbers of foreclosures South Carolina housing markets are trying to reach a balance. But an onslaught of residents fleeing the state for new job opportunities is causing havoc with any sort of recovery. Bargain hunters seeking to close transactions before the government imposed deadline to take advantage of the first time home buyers' tax credit triggered a two-thirds rise in closed sales in Columbia. … [Read more...]