No Confidence in US Government to Aid Housing Market

Respondents to an online poll have given the U.S. government a no confidence vote when it comes to helping the housing market. An over-whelming majority of 84% who were surveyed said the government will not take major steps to help the housing market. The sweeping decision comes five years and more than 7 million foreclosures after the real estate market collapsed. Housing values in the majority of the country have suffered major losses, … [Read more...]

Survey Shows Time to Buy Real Estate

A large majority of respondents to a new Housing Predictor survey say now is the time to buy real estate, despite uncertainty over the U.S. economy. Nearly two-out-of-three surveyed said it’s time to buy a home or other real estate now. Only 38% said the current economic environment makes it too risky to take the plunge, despite record low mortgage rates and home prices at the lowest level in decades. Foreclosures are near all-time levels … [Read more...]

More Than Half of Homeowners Can’t Move

More than half of all homeowners with a mortgage are unable to move or make a change in their housing situation as a direct result of being underwater on a mortgage, according to a new Housing Predictor survey. Some 54% of those surveyed online said they were halted from making a move. The other 46% said they were not stopped from making a change in their living situation. The finding comes more than five years after the worst real estate … [Read more...]

Survey Says Freddie and Fannie Should Stop Buying Mortgages

A large majority of consumers surveyed say they want U.S. mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to stop buying home mortgages. The opinion poll found that 72% of all respondents want the companies, which act as a back-stop for the nation’s mortgage market to stop purchasing home loans from banks and other mortgage lenders. The two government giants have been bailed out by tax payers at a cost exceeding $184 billion for failed mortgages … [Read more...]

Banks Should Slash Mortgage Principal

Banks and mortgage lenders should slash the balance on mortgages owed by all homeowners in light of the housing crisis blamed heavily on U.S. bankers, according to a new Housing Predictor opinion poll. The just released survey found that 69% of respondents to the online poll said lenders should reduce mortgage principal for all home loan borrowers. A large group of economists who specialize in real estate say that the only way the U.S. … [Read more...]

Cashing In on Abandoned Property

By Kiesha Joseph Abandoned property is a term to describe real estate that isn't currently under the direct control or care of the legal owner. This may be because the mortgage is in default, delinquent taxes are owed or the property is unsafe. The homeowner may have also walked away from the property, abandoning it to foreclosure. Either way, these properties may produce profits for anyone who wants to purchase them and make the effort … [Read more...]

Best Cities to Flip Homes in 2012

By Mike Colpitts Don’t expect it to be easy work if you plan on flipping a home this year to make a profit, but there are a few places in the U.S. that are pretty good bets to cash in to make a tidy profit, despite economic woes. The best places to flip homes in 2012 are rare cities in America these days, where the local economies are in over-drive or at least have a great likelihood of being so in the near future because of there own good … [Read more...]

Clean Air Produces Higher Home Prices

Housing prices get a major lift from reductions of smog and other pollutants, according to a study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research. After all, given the choice who wouldn’t want to live in an area with plenty of clean air to breathe each day? The study was gathered by researchers Kenneth Chay and Michael Greenstone, who suggest that the clean air relationship could help policymakers to measure the value of environmental … [Read more...]

Housing the Margin Effect

By Lance Roberts Economist With each and every report comes “hope” that maybe, potentially, somehow the moribund housing market has finally reached its inevitable bottom and is now on the verge of the next great advance. Nothing could be further from the truth. I say this with a bit of pain because I am a homeowner. I do not like seeing the annual appraisal values on my home falling - even though it means lower taxes. My home, as with … [Read more...]

Banks Should Be Forced to Modify Mortgages

Americans believe banks have ripped all of us off big, judging by the results of the latest Housing Predictor poll. An over-whelming majority of those surveyed say banks should be forced to modify mortgages to help the U.S. economy, a new poll found. An astounding 83% said the same banks that got us into the financial crisis by making mortgages to anyone who could sign their name should straighten out the mess, and take the hit for issuing … [Read more...]