Real Estate Markets Most Likely To Recover

The five most likely U.S. metropolitan real estate markets to recover in 2012 are demonstrating signs of economic recovery in at least a couple of areas, despite the troubled U.S. economy. However, there are few other similarities aside from growing employment and a climate for change. A sense of cautious optimism prevails in Miami, Florida where the real estate market is already rebounding. Home and condominium sales along with prices are … [Read more...]

Record High Crop Prices Inflate Home Values

By Mike Colpitts Record high prices farmers are being paid for crops in the Mid-West are pressuring home prices, and are forecast to inflate home values as the real estate collapse moves closer to an end for part of the U.S. in 2012, according to the new Housing Predictor annual forecast. In all, a total of 15 states will witness at least some cities with inflating home prices, despite the horrific foreclosure crisis and ailing economy in … [Read more...]

Real Estate Agent Falls from Grace

By Kevin Chiu His model like good looks and Southern California sun tan are near trademark, but millionaire real estate agent John McMonigle has fallen from grace, losing his fortune and amassing $50 million in debts. The luxury home salesman appeared in bankruptcy court depressed after selling personal assets, including his Newport Beach condominium and cars totaling more than $2.4 million. His wife of 16 years has also filed for divorce. … [Read more...]

2011 Oklahoma Housing Market

A surplus inventory of homes and other real estate listed for sale and growing foreclosures hinder Oklahoma housing markets, despite a stronger job market than most of the U.S. and near record low mortgage rates. The real estate crash is only starting to have a deeper impact on the Sooner State. Home sales fell a third after the expiration of the federal tax credit for home buyers. But new home building permits rose 7% in Oklahoma City as … [Read more...]

2010 Oklahoma Housing Market

Despite a slowdown in the energy business and accompanying job lay-offs, Oklahoma housing markets are holding up strongly in the wake of the financial crisis. The first time buyers' tax incentive produced a swell of home sales, which resulted in a reduction of inventory. The state's housing markets maintain their protection from the massive downfall that beleaguers so many other states as a result of lower overall housing prices, having never … [Read more...]