Real Estate Investors Plead Guilty to Auction Bid Rigging

By Mike Colpitts Eight San Francisco Bay Area real estate investors have agreed to plead guilty for their roles in a conspiracy to rig bids at public real estate foreclosure auctions in Northern California, according to the Department of Justice. The real estate investors took part in conspiracies to rig bids by agreeing to refrain from bidding against one another at real estate foreclosure auctions in Contra Costa and Alameda counties, … [Read more...]

America’s Watchdog to Rescue Disaster Victims

By Mike Colpitts An organization that gained national fame for helping homeowners and businesses in natural disasters, including Hurricane Katrina is offering free aid to homeowners and businesses that suffered property damage or were destroyed in the series of tornadoes that tore through the south-eastern corridor of the U.S. America's Watchdog is coming to the rescue of disaster victims in hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural … [Read more...]

Chinese Drywall Second Housing Crisis

By Kevin Chiu A second housing crisis is slowly working its way through 20 states as more victims fall ill from poisonous fumes emitting from their very residences. From the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, where workers are replacing toxic Chinese drywall in new homes built for victims of Hurricane Katrina across the country it’s being called “the silent hurricane.” Toxic emissions from the drywall spew into the indoor air streams and are … [Read more...]

Americans Move at Lowest Rate since World War II

By Mike Colpitts Saddled with a weak economy and sluggish housing market Americans moved across state lines at the lowest rate since World War II in 2010, according to the Brookings Institution. Only 1.4% moved to a new state during the year. Demographer William Frey said “tepid gains in employment and the rise in home foreclosures over the last couple of years” led to the historically low levels. The job market is partially to blame as … [Read more...]

2011 North Carolina Housing Market

Hoping the tough economy will soon be behind them, homeowners in North Carolina are looking for help and some especially hard hit unemployed and under-employed types will receive it from the federal government. The real estate boom treated the state wonderfully as it prospered and pushed a record number of new residents to move to the state. But the fallout from the financial crisis is devastating and will take years to unwind. Drastic … [Read more...]

2010 North Carolina Housing Market

Propelled by the federal tax credit, near record low mortgage rates and lower home prices the path to recovery in North Carolina housing markets may be close to materializing. During the real estate boom North Carolina benefitted from tens of thousands of new residents moving to the state to retire, and now the “Half-backs” as they call themselves since they are half way home from Florida to North Carolina, are driving the early stages of a … [Read more...]