2015 North Carolina Housing Market Predictions

The North Carolina Housing Market is seeing a slow but steady increase in the past year in home values, and housing market predictions have this number rising still by this time next year. North Carolina is currently one of the fastest growing states in the country. In addition to its lifestyle and affordability, North Carolina boasts a strong job market. Most notably, NC's strong market revolves around the technology, sciences, and education … [Read more...]

2013 North Carolina Housing Market

Economists predict North Carolina will continue its weak recovery through 2013. However, real estate professionals are expecting the housing market to improve at a faster pace than that of the general economy. ¨While the state has been in recovering since July of 2009, it has been a weak recovery," wrote University of North Carolina Charlotte economist John Connaughton, in his quarterly economic forecast for the state. He added he expects … [Read more...]

National Real Estate Recession Hits

Troubled by the mortgage melt down and falling home prices, the U.S. housing market has fallen into a national real estate recession, according to the latest analysis by Housing Predictor. The over-whelming majority of local real estate markets are either in housing recessions or battling to keep their economies strong enough to keep from declining. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets and at least 221 are in the … [Read more...]

Investor Real Estate Market Forecast

Lucky 7 Investor Forecast The Lucky 7 Best Investor Housing Predictor real estate market forecasts for 2008 are intended for investors willing to take a risk buying real estate to make a profit. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states and the Lucky 7 Forecast is betting that investors will make a profit in the forecast markets. However, purchasers obtaining financing should be able to handle … [Read more...]

Four States with Appreciation in Housing Markets

Now There Are Only 4 Real Estate has changed. Only four states remain with enough local housing market appreciation to stay on the Housing Predictor appreciation list for the remainder of 2007. The over-whelming majority of housing markets have deflated throughout the nation. Just four states have regionally vibrant economies enough to be strong enough to weather the nation’s mortgage crisis storm without substantial damage. At the height … [Read more...]

Appreciation Forecast Tops 100+ U.S. Cities

For the first time in six years, more than 100 U.S. cities are forecast to experience housing appreciation by the end of the year. After strong evidence of growing economic recovery developed in North Carolina and Utah housing markets, the number of U.S. cities projected to inflate in home values hit 105. Driven by near record low mortgage rates and lower home prices, home sale trends in Utah and North Carolina cities housing markets gained … [Read more...]

Group Launches $100 Million Home Rehab

An innovative non-profit group has launched an aggressive $100 million campaign to rehabilitate thousands of homes left to decay in blighted urban neighborhoods as a result of the U.S. foreclosure crisis. The organization has qualified for financing to repair vacant homes from bankers to help damaged neighborhoods. The group’s chief executive says a new initiative launched by Builders of Hope, based in Raleigh, North Carolina will help … [Read more...]

2012 North Carolina Housing Market

Despite a hike in the unemployment rate in the middle of summer and other economic woes, North Carolina's housing markets are demonstrating major signs of improvement and are now forecast to experience appreciation by years end. Record low mortgage rates coupled with lower home prices and better prospects for economic growth are the driving forces. In Charlotte, home sales have picked up more than 25% from a year ago as buyers take advantage … [Read more...]

Hurricane Irene May Hit $35 Billion in Damages

By Mike Colpitts The economic damages caused by Hurricane Irene as it barrels in on the Atlantic coastline forecast to make landfall in North Carolina could hit as high as $35 billion, according to insurance estimates made prior to the storm even making landfall. However, as scientific modelers race to come up with a dollar estimate on how much damage the massive storm is likely to cause, estimates vary hugely from near $5 billion all the … [Read more...]

Homeowners Crisis Builds New Wave

By Matt Weidner I’m a soldier, a street fighter, an attorney battling foreclosures on behalf of homeowners at the ground level, in the trenches, in courtrooms all across Florida. Let me save you the suspense and get right to the point. Things are worse than they've ever been and they are only going to get far, far worse as the foreclosure crisis builds a new wave. Ignore whatever fantasy and misinformation is spewing forth from the … [Read more...]