Tight Rental Market Squeezes Tenants

By Mike Colpitts A lack of rental housing for the first time in years in the multi-family residential market is sending the rental market into a recovery. Vacancy rates fell to the lowest level in 2010 in more than four years as a leading rental advisory firm forecasts higher rents in 2011. Witten Advisors, a firm that provides key strategies to the new apartment building industry, predicts rents will increase 4.5% during the year as … [Read more...]

2011 New Mexico Housing Market

Growing unemployment and businesses exiting the state are hurting New Mexico housing markets, which are sustaining larger losses in sales and home values as the recession unwinds. Job losses in professional, construction and retail sectors are troubling New Mexico, which is one of the last state’s in the nation to be hit hard by the financial crisis. As homeowners lose jobs in rising numbers, a drag is emphasized on the economy in … [Read more...]

2010 New Mexico Housing Market

Until the current financial crisis New Mexico didn't have to deal with much fall out from nationwide economic events since government jobs account for nearly a fifth of the state's employment. Low mortgage rates have fueled a surge in home sales with government tax credits. The increase in sales is beginning to show that markets in New Mexico will recover from the housing crash in time. The government orchestrated rise in housing sales may act … [Read more...]