The 12 Best Mortgage Companies To Help You Realize Your Home Goals

If you are considering purchasing a home, whether for the first time or the fourth time, you have likely been a bit overwhelmed by the number of mortgage companies out there. It is important to survey the best mortgage companies to find the one best suited to your needs and your geographic location. Quick Navigation Product FAQHow We ReviewedWhat We ReviewedRegions BankQuicken LoansSoFiPNCNew AmericanLoanDepotVeterans UnitedRocket … [Read more...]

Find Out How Much House Can I Afford With my Salary

​Now that winter is almost over thousands of people will begin actively searching for a home. If you’re one of these people the first thing you want to ask yourself is, How much house can I afford with my salary​. This is important so that you don’t set your expectations too high and find the right home that can reasonably fit in your budget. This can be done fairly easily by plugging your personal income numbers into a mortgage affordability … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates

Editors Note: Don't be fooled by teaser mortgage rates. Find the lowest rates available for your home town by clicking on Green Box. … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Dip on Lower Treasuries

By Mike Colpitts Lower rates paid to investors for U.S. Treasury bonds drove mortgage rates and home loan applications lower for the week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The rate on a fixed 30-year mortgage fell to as low as 3.69% among Housing Predictor affiliated lenders. Rates on the 15-year fixed rate loan also took an appreciable drop from last week. Average national mortgage rates are expected to be lower released … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Real Estate Forecasts

The top 25 largest metropolitan real estate market forecasts in the U.S are listed from the largest cities based on population density and the number of homes to the smallest. The forecasts that compile this list are taken from the 230 cities annually forecast by Housing Predictor analysts after collecting data on more than 20 factors, including recent home prices, local political influences, mortgage interest rates, home sale velocity, … [Read more...]

Next Real Estate Boom Not Till 2020

A boom in the majority of the nation's real estate markets won't develop again until at least sometime after 2020, according to the consensus of opinion of Housing Predictor analysts. The credit crunch, which was started by a fuselage of new creative financing products, including aggressive adjustable rate subprime mortgages and specially designed loans for investors will have a lingering impact on the majority of housing markets in the … [Read more...]

Top Housing Market Winners in 2009

You might look at the list of the annual Top Housing Market Winners in 2009 and think twice about some of the winners. But then again it's been an extremely challenging year in real estate. Home sales in the Top 10 markets got a great improvement towards the latter half of the year with help from lower housing prices, extremely low mortgage rates and the federal government's first time buyers' tax credit. Sales volume data is compiled from the … [Read more...]

Housing Predictor Poll Results 2009

Survey Says Congress Will Fail in Economic Crisis An overwhelming majority of Americans believe Congress and other government policymakers will fail in their efforts to get the U.S. economy straightened out and halt the foreclosure epidemic, according to a new Predictor Poll. The online survey was completed Sunday and it found that 81% of those polled do not feel that Congress will be able to get control of the foreclosure epidemic, which … [Read more...]

National Real Estate Recession Hits

Troubled by the mortgage melt down and falling home prices, the U.S. housing market has fallen into a national real estate recession, according to the latest analysis by Housing Predictor. The over-whelming majority of local real estate markets are either in housing recessions or battling to keep their economies strong enough to keep from declining. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets and at least 221 are in the … [Read more...]

News Releases from Housing Predictor

News releases are posted from the newest to the oldest. The news releases posted here are for the use of news organizations, web site owners and bloggers, who want to keep their visitors up to date on the latest Housing Predictor news. They are provided here for you to copy and paste on to your online web sites and for the use of other off-line news organizations. Housing Deflation Slowing Release date: 10/20/09 Housing deflation is … [Read more...]