2019 Predictions for the Missouri Housing Market

There are several reasons why potential home buyers are cautious this year as they browse the selection of homes available. There is a significant demand for available homes on the market all throughout the nation. Some areas need any type of housing while others are desperate for more affordable housing options.The decrease in inventory makes choosing a home difficult for buyers who are looking for a specific type of home or one within a … [Read more...]

2016 Missouri Real Estate Market Predictions

Missouri, known as The Show Me State, became a state in 1821; it was the 24th state to join the United States. The state has historical significance as the original starting point for the Pony Express, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Oregon Trail. Bordered on the east by the Mississippi River, it is the 21st largest state at 69,704 square miles. Population wise, Missouri is 18th overall with 6,083,672 residents. Projections estimate that the … [Read more...]

2015 Missouri Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

The Missouri real estate market is relatively healthy due to an increase in selling prices that began last year and carried over into 2015. However Zillow sees the market as less than healthy according to its Market Health Index. This index shows the health of a state’s market compared to other markets across the United States. The Market Health Index uses up to 10 metrics including: past and projected home values, foreclosures, foreclosure … [Read more...]

2014 Missouri Housing Market

The 2014 Missouri housing market continues to slowly recover following the trends from the past few years. This market's recovery started in 2011. 2012 definitively confirmed the slow but steady upwards movement of Missouri's real estate market. You can read about this trend of slow recovery in our article about the 2013 Missouri housing market. Missouri is still very much so a buyers market. The 2014 Missouri housing market offers great deals … [Read more...]

2013 Missouri Housing Market

The Missouri real estate market is improving slowly but surely, and that is just fine with the state’s real estate professionals. “‘The recovery has been much more like the tortoise than the hare,’ said Stephen Blank, a senior resident fellow of the Washington-based Urban Land Institute. ‘We’ve become used to slow relief. But we have finally turned the corner, and I think we’ll be headed in the right direction in 2013.’” Blank was quoted in … [Read more...]

2012 Missouri Housing Market

Homeowners in default on their mortgages and underwater mortgage holders trouble the housing markets in Missouri, pressuring home prices as foreclosures pile-up. Distress sales are increasing in most of the state even as many residents leave its major cities to seek work elsewhere. Foreclosures are a major issue in St. Louis, home to the Mississippi River where huge ships coast down the river carrying supplies for industries to manufacture … [Read more...]

Guilty Pleas in Real Estate Ponzi Scheme

An attorney and real estate investor have pled guilty to defrauding dozens of investors out of $52 million in a major real estate Ponzi scheme. Federal prosecutors say the scheme was called the British Lending Program, and involved 67-year-old Derek Smith of Oxfordshire, England and Leawood, Kansas attorney James S. Brown, 66. The two pled guilty to related charges in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The two men also agreed to forfeit … [Read more...]

Tornado, Flood Damage Tops $260 Billion

By Mike Colpitts Catastrophic flooding along the Mississippi River and the outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest and South are destroying thousands of homes and businesses. The series of disasters are estimated to top $260 billion in property damage, according to initial estimates gathered from federal and state authorities. A tornado believed to be just shy of an F-5 with winds that were estimated to be 198-miles-per-hour just two m.p.h. … [Read more...]

Disaster Housing Relief Provided in 8 States

By Mike Colpitts As anxieties rise with the floodwaters along the mighty Mississippi River and residents flee for higher ground, the U.S. government is gearing up for the largest disaster aid commitment it has ever made. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has already dedicated funds to help disaster victims in eight states, including immediate foreclosure relief and funds for temporary housing. Eight Alabama counties have been … [Read more...]

2011 Missouri Housing Market

Driven by tight mortgage market conditions and rising unemployment, weak consumer confidence is heavily impacting the number of home sales in Missouri as the region struggles economically. The foreclosure crisis is putting a crimp on Missouri housing markets after the federal tax credit for home buyers expired slowing sales. The fall off is triggering an additional slowdown in home values, which had seen an increase in some parts of the … [Read more...]