2019 Michigan Real Estate Market Predictions

​Michigan's housing market experienced some highs and lows in 2017. It was a year of highs for sellers, with more money coming in over listing prices and plenty of people buying. The lows came to people buying, who needed to bid high to get even the lowest priced homes. Now let's start looking at what the 2019 Michigan housing market is doing so far. ​We can hope that the inventory crisis the Michigan housing market faced last year is going to be … [Read more...]

2015 Michigan Housing Market Predictions

The Michigan Housing Market experienced a slow increase in the first half of 2015. Current reports seem to indicate that the rise will continue even more vigorously for the next year (until mid-2016 and presumably on afterwards). Currently rated as the 13th out of the 50 states, Michigan’s economy is considerably one of the strongest in the country, and the healthy rhythm of this economy obviously trickles down to the housing market as well, … [Read more...]

2014 Michigan Housing Market

By the end of 2012, prospects appeared mixed for the 2013 Michigan housing market: on one hand, real estate experts remained well aware of the fact that the recession greatly affected the state. On the other hand, the Detroit housing market was poised to make one of the biggest comebacks in U.S. history. So, did any of these predictions come true, or has the 2014 Michigan housing market continued to slump under numerous negative influences from … [Read more...]

Foreclosures Rise 18%

The epidemic of foreclosures is rising, according to newly released figures from RealtyTrac, despite a slight slowdown in activity during the month of May. Year over year foreclosures rose 18%. Foreclosure filings, including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions were reported on 321,480 properties during the month, a decrease of 6% from April. The drop apparently developed as a result of moratoriums on foreclosures by the … [Read more...]

2013 Michigan Housing Market

The Great Recession hit Michigan harder than many other states, resulting in massive employee layoffs and the closure of several major auto manufacturing plants. However, the state’s biggest city, Detroit, also known as Motor City, appears to be poised for a remarkable comeback. For one thing, Chinese real estate investors are focusing on the city’s bargain-priced residential properties. According to the Global Times (“Chinese real estate … [Read more...]

Top Housing Market Winners in 2009

You might look at the list of the annual Top Housing Market Winners in 2009 and think twice about some of the winners. But then again it's been an extremely challenging year in real estate. Home sales in the Top 10 markets got a great improvement towards the latter half of the year with help from lower housing prices, extremely low mortgage rates and the federal government's first time buyers' tax credit. Sales volume data is compiled from the … [Read more...]

National Real Estate Prices Forecast to Deflate Further

Scrambling to find a bottom, the U.S. real estate market is falling further and further in most areas of the country. Home prices nationally will deflate an average of more than 8% in 2008, according to the Housing Predictor forecast. The real estate crisis, triggered by an over supply of new creative financing programs and a record level of mortgage fraud is deflating at the fastest clip since at least the Great Depression in an over-whelming … [Read more...]

Worst Housing Markets in 2009

The downward spiral in housing markets is showing signs of improving in many areas of the country as home sales rise, but there's no shortage of double-digit losers in the Worst 25 Housing Markets selected by Housing Predictor in 2009. Without more government assistance don't expect much more improvement. Detroit, Michigan takes the #1 position with the worst forecast deflation in 2009. Hundreds of thousands of job layoffs are hurting condo … [Read more...]

Home Sales & Prices Jump

By Mike Colpitts Sales of existing homes and national median prices jumped in July to reach a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.47 million housing units after declining in June, according to the National Association of Realtors. Record low mortgage rates, which bottomed out in July and lower housing prices coupled with pent up demand drove the jump in summer buying activity. Home sales grew 2.3% for the month, and are 10.4% above last … [Read more...]

Home Prices Rise 3 Straight Months

By Mike Colpitts Home prices rose for the third straight month in May across the U.S., according to real estate analytics company CoreLogic. On a year over year basis the firm said average prices rose 2.0%, and also increased 1.8% compared to a month earlier. The firm’s Housing Price Index, which tracks 100 of the nation’s top urban markets, including distress sales, which are foreclosures and short sales, indicates that house prices “will … [Read more...]