Split Housing Market Bottom Forecast

By Kevin Chiu Divided by growing political unrest, a nation in economic turmoil and the reluctance of banks to lend to any but the best of mortgage worthy applicants in the current economy, the U.S. housing market is forecast to experience a split as some areas of the nation hit bottoms of the market and others decline to hit a bottom in 2011. The Housing Predictor forecast was determined after analysts reviewed market sales volume and … [Read more...]

2011 Maryland Housing Market

Declining home sales after the federal government's tax credit expired are hurting Maryland, once considered one of the stronger regions in the country in terms of home values. Falling prices hurt the housing market as it erodes confidence in home values recovering any time soon. The battle being waged to produce a housing recovery in the region is provided by a variety of sectors, including politicians in Washington, D.C., many of whom make … [Read more...]

2010 Maryland Housing Market

A stronger job base than many other regions of the country should help boost Maryland's housing markets over the next year. As the financial crisis enters its third year, housing prices in most of Maryland are moving down with high foreclosures making an impact, despite a diversified employment market. Maryland ranks tenth in the nation in foreclosures and about one in seven homeowners with late mortgage payments. In Baltimore the foreclosure … [Read more...]