2018 Maine Real Estate Market Predictions – What To Expect

Most people are familiar with Maine, which has a reputation for being a small but wealthy state. In fact, this reputation is one reason that the Maine housing market always tends to be booming. It’s a popular place to live.Maine is found in New England and is the 9th least populous state in the entire United States. It is close to New Hampshire and to Canada, particularly the provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec.Maine’s population was … [Read more...]

2015 Maine Housing Market

In 2014, the Maine housing market improved on a year-to-year basis. Click here to read a past forecast for the Maine housing market for comparison. Home sales in the Portland area rose by 4.2 percent compared to 2013. The 551 single family housing units purchased in 2014 comes close to the 2005 record of 570 and also marks the city’s third consecutive year of increasing sales numbers. However, this performance is still lower that the 21.3 percent … [Read more...]

2013 Maine Housing Market

During its recent annual convention in Portland, Maine, the Maine Real Estate and Development Association announced that sales and prices of the state´s single family homes rose almost 12 percent in December of 2012 with more than 800 homes sold in total. The median price rose 6.25 percent to $170,000, and brokers said the numbers are an accurate reflection of what's going on in the state. "By leaving interest rates as low as they are, … [Read more...]

Recovery in Best 25 Housing Markets

As the U.S. undergoes the most severe down turn in its housing markets since at least the Great Depression, at least 25 local markets are progressing through the transition forecast to experience housing price inflation during the remainder of 2011. Driven by a U.S. military realignment program and a robust local economy El Paso, Texas located on the border of Mexico takes the #1 position. El Paso is now forecast to lead the nation in home … [Read more...]

States Rip Off Foreclosure Victims

By Mike Colpitts Almost $1-billion targeted to victims of banking foreclosure fraud is being ripped off from foreclosure victims to be used to pay for other programs for states facing serious financial deficits. The nation’s largest five banks agreed to pay a $25 billion settlement as part of their agreement to settle allegations of illegal forgeries and other frauds in the robo-signing scandal. However, only $2.5 billion is dedicated to … [Read more...]

5 States Sustain Half of Foreclosures

By Ryan Jackson Nearly half of all foreclosures in the U.S. were in the five hardest hit states in the nation during June, with California, Florida and Michigan sustaining the highest number of failed mortgages, according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Texas and Georgia also suffered major losses in terms of foreclosed properties. Combined, the five account for 48.4% of formal lender repossessions. Most of the same states have … [Read more...]

2012 Maine Housing Market

Extraordinarily sluggish home sales and slowly declining home prices are preventing Maine housing markets from making a full-fledged recovery, but cities and towns throughout the state are hardly experiencing a major drop in home values either. Maine is turning out to be one of the safest bets so far in the fallout of the U.S. real estate collapse. A slim volume of sales is hand-cuffing the markets and are expected to chill the region’s home … [Read more...]

2011 Maine Housing Market

As one of the colder climates in the country, residents of Maine know all too much about being frozen out. For the longest time they were nearly frozen when it came to the real estate crash, and then things slowly changed sending home prices lower. Maine isn't likely to sustain the loss in home values that other states in the country are suffering, but it is in the early stages of thawing out from the freeze. Sales in Portland slumped after … [Read more...]

First Home Price Decline in Year

Core Logic, a heavily viewed monitor of U.S. home prices said its home price index dropped for the first time in 2010 in August, sending prices just 1.5% lower for the year. However, the index also showed positive appreciation in more than a handful of states. The Core Logic index has had an unusually low rate of housing price deflation since it began monitoring more than 2,000 markets following the company’s separation from Fidelity Title … [Read more...]

2010 Maine Housing Market

The Maine housing market, aided by federal tax credits for first time buyers has seen home sales rise. But those who work the market wonder if it was just a temporary shot in the arm to push markets forward. Maine home sales rose as a result of government efforts, but have already begun to show signs of weakening as consequences of the financial crisis impact markets all over one of America's most scenic states. However, the scenery in Maine … [Read more...]