2018 Kentucky Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

Most people picture the Kentucky Derby when they think of Kentucky, but this classic image of Southern hospitality is one of the driving factors people are searching for homes in the area.One of the best things about living in Kentucky is that while living here is inexpensive, the amenities available to low-cost areas abound. Quick Navigation What to Expect in KentuckyLimitations of the Kentucky Housing MarketFrankfort, KYNicholasville, … [Read more...]

2015 Kentucky Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

When considering Kentucky real estate, a few things might come to mind. Kentucky has certainly had its influence on American culture. Our country has a strong association between bourbon and the Kentucky heartland. Bardstown, Kentucky is the self-proclaimed “Bourbon Capital of the World.” The state proudly promotes its Kentucky Bourbon Trail that includes stops at renowned distilleries like Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, and Woodford Reserve. But … [Read more...]

2014 Kentucky Housing Market

The forecast for the 2013 Kentucky housing market paints the picture of a diverse landscape in terms the overall home sales throughout the state. Most significantly, this forecast draws attention to the more positive aspects of the Louisville market. The 2008 recession didn't hit the Louisville area as hard as the rest of the state. However, the real estate market in the area did need to make some adjustments to better meet these predictions. … [Read more...]

2013 Kentucky Housing Market

Kentucky’s current real estate market conditions are varied, depending on the part of the state you look at. Louisville continues to show positive signs of significant improvement. While the area did not face the full brunt of the economic downturn of 2008-2009, the local market was still forced to correct itself after the short-lived real estate boom. Early in 2013, the market appeared to continue the upward trend of the past several … [Read more...]

2011 Kentucky Housing Market

Painfully high joblessness and business closings trouble Kentucky as it tries to move out of the economic downturn into a recovery in housing, but an over-supply of homes on the market and foreclosures trouble the state, despite near record low mortgage rates. Consumer confidence over the real estate market ails homeowners trying to sell their homes. In Louisville, the state’s largest metropolitan area home sales rose with the federal home … [Read more...]

2012 Kentucky Housing Market

The bloated inventory of homes listed for sale in Kentucky is showing some evidence of shrinking as more first time buyers purchase homes with historically low mortgage rates. But in most areas of the state home prices are still falling at nearly unprecedented rates as high joblessness unsettles the region. In Louisville home sales are up and down, with some months experiencing higher sales and others seeing a drop. Weak consumer confidence … [Read more...]

Disaster Housing Relief Provided in 8 States

By Mike Colpitts As anxieties rise with the floodwaters along the mighty Mississippi River and residents flee for higher ground, the U.S. government is gearing up for the largest disaster aid commitment it has ever made. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has already dedicated funds to help disaster victims in eight states, including immediate foreclosure relief and funds for temporary housing. Eight Alabama counties have been … [Read more...]

2010 Kentucky Housing Market

Stabilization of the Kentucky housing market will develop when more people go back to work. The real unemployment rate in the state, including the underemployed leaves one out of every five people out of work. Higher foreclosures are also contributing to the ailing real estate market, which is projected to begin stabilizing sometime during 2010. Economic turmoil and high unemployment are contributing to the hardship in housing markets in … [Read more...]