Economists Forecast Sharp Real Estate Rebound

By Mike Colpitts A group of leading U.S. economists forecast broad improvements in the nation's economy, real estate capital markets and the housing market through 2014. The projection was issued after the Urban Land Institute surveyed economists for its new real estate consensus forecast. The survey of 38 economists across the country, found that 2012 may mark the beginning of a turnaround in the housing market. Single family home starts, … [Read more...]

Investors Home Buying Binge Rages

By Mike Colpitts Investors accounted for almost 1 in 4 home purchases during the month of January, up to 23% of purchases, demonstrating that the home buying binge by investors is controlling a large portion of the U.S. housing market as bargain hungry investors attempt to cash in on deals. The figure was up 2% from December numbers provided by the National Association of Realtors monthly home sales report, but showed that the market is … [Read more...]

2012 Kansas Housing Market

Pushed by an historic spike in farm profits as U.S. farmers enjoy “the best of times” in decades, Kansas home sales are increasing, and prices on homes throughout the state are also rising. The demand for existing homes is growing as lower home prices coupled with close to record low mortgage rates combine to heal the housing market. The transition from a weaker real estate market, hampered by the foreclosure crisis is also being ushered in … [Read more...]

Where to Move, Get a Job & Buy a Home in 2012

By Mike Colpitts The hard hit economy is mending in some areas of the U.S., while other regions continue to suffer through the dregs of a housing market still in a downturn. But among all the places that are on the mend there are a handful of fairly solid cities where you might just want to move, get a job and buy a home in 2012. They might even be considered communities to start over again for millions of Americans facing hard times. … [Read more...]

Housing Market Bottoms Hit as Home Values Escalate

By Mike Colpitts Following years of hard times, declining home values and a record volume of foreclosures, the housing market is finally hitting the bottom in at least some U.S. cities, and it can’t come soon enough for plenty of others. North Dakota, South Dakota and parts of Texas are booming with oil and natural gas exploration driving many home prices higher. A delayed recovery, however, will be in effect for much of the nation as the … [Read more...]

Big 55 U S Housing Markets in Recovery

Chill the bubbly. More U.S. cities are forecast to inflate in home values in 2012 than in the past five years as communities in fifteen states move towards more stable housing markets with increasing home sales and higher values. These 55 cities are from states all over the nation and they have the ingredients to experience better times in the New Year. The most common denominator among these communities is more job opportunities than … [Read more...]

Mortgage Rates Jump for New Year’s

By Mike Colpitts Mortgage rates, already at their record all-time lows jumped slightly higher in time for New Year's this week as lenders became weary about growing problems in international financial markets, according to Freddie Mac. The rate of a 30-year fixed rate loan rose to 3.95% from a record low 3.91% last week. The 15-year fixed rate mortgage also moved up slightly to 3.24% from 3.21% a week ago. The 5-year Treasury indexed … [Read more...]

Record High Crop Prices Inflate Home Values

By Mike Colpitts Record high prices farmers are being paid for crops in the Mid-West are pressuring home prices, and are forecast to inflate home values as the real estate collapse moves closer to an end for part of the U.S. in 2012, according to the new Housing Predictor annual forecast. In all, a total of 15 states will witness at least some cities with inflating home prices, despite the horrific foreclosure crisis and ailing economy in … [Read more...]

Guilty Pleas in Real Estate Ponzi Scheme

An attorney and real estate investor have pled guilty to defrauding dozens of investors out of $52 million in a major real estate Ponzi scheme. Federal prosecutors say the scheme was called the British Lending Program, and involved 67-year-old Derek Smith of Oxfordshire, England and Leawood, Kansas attorney James S. Brown, 66. The two pled guilty to related charges in U.S. District Court in St. Louis. The two men also agreed to forfeit … [Read more...]

Tornado, Flood Damage Tops $260 Billion

By Mike Colpitts Catastrophic flooding along the Mississippi River and the outbreak of tornadoes in the Midwest and South are destroying thousands of homes and businesses. The series of disasters are estimated to top $260 billion in property damage, according to initial estimates gathered from federal and state authorities. A tornado believed to be just shy of an F-5 with winds that were estimated to be 198-miles-per-hour just two m.p.h. … [Read more...]