2018 Indiana Housing Market and Real Estate Market Predictions

Known as the Hoosier State, Indiana is growing at a more favorable rate than many other U.S. states. Located near Lake Michigan is the state of Indiana. It is bordered also by Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois. The U.S. admits Indiana as the 19th state in 1816. Indiana is the Nation’s 17th most populous state and the 38th largest in terms of area. The state has several metropolitan cities of 100,000 or more people and many smaller … [Read more...]

2015 Indiana Real Estate Market Predictions

After a painfully slow increase last year, the near future for the Indiana Housing Market looks quite bright by comparison. Housing market predictions by Zillow estimate a 3.2% increase for Indiana throughout 2015 which is a huge leap forward as opposed to the 0.3% experienced in the year that passed. This is a great opportunity for both home owners who are interested in selling their properties at the best prices in the following year and for … [Read more...]

2014 Indiana Housing Market

The 2013 Indiana housing market continued similar recovery trends experienced during the previous post-recession years. The state’s economy significantly slowed down the pace of its economic rebound last year. Many experts feel that the 2014 Indiana housing market (and beyond) will bring about less prosperity. We briefly outlined some of the main contributing factors influencing the evolution of the 2014 Indiana housing market below. The majority … [Read more...]

The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

When considering which real estate markets are the best, it is wise to look at home sales among other aspects as this number often reveals a thriving real estate market. Below is a list of the top 25 real estate markets in America today from the least to the greatest: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: According to trulia.com, the median sales price for homes in Oklahoma City from April 13th to June 13th was $126,000. This represents an increase of … [Read more...]

2013 Indiana Housing Market

Last year was disappointing for Indiana’s real estate professionals and investors, but 2013 should offer a turnaround, said Kyle J. Anderson, Indiana University Kelley School of Business clinical assistant professor of business economics. “The Indianapolis-Carmel metropolitan area should expect to see a rebound in 2013 along with the rest of the country and state.” Still, the Indianapolis real estate market hasn’t entirely turned the corner, … [Read more...]

Hostage Taker Triggers Latest Real Estate Office Violence

By Mike Colpitts A man who violently shot up a real estate office in Valparaiso, Indiana threatening to shoot employees last week before taking his own life, is only the latest hostage taker to blame real estate agents or bank employees for financial problems. A series of separate violent out-breaks across the U.S. over the past three years have involved real estate offices and banks who provided the financing for homes involved in … [Read more...]

Recovery Pushes Foreclosures Lower 3 Months

By Mike Colpitts In a sign the U.S. housing market is on the road to recovery, foreclosures dropped for the third month in a row in April, despite a traceable increase in repossessions along the eastern U.S. coast. Initial notices of default were filed against 188,780 residential properties, the lowest since July 2007. Final bank repossessions (REOs) dropped for the third straight month in April, down 7% from March. Lenders completed … [Read more...]

FDIC Puts Real Estate Up for Auction

By Ryan Jackson Flooded with an inventory of foreclosures, the government’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which has taken over hundreds of failed banks since the collapse of the U.S. real estate market, is holding an online auction to sell off some of its properties. The FDIC is auctioning-off 50 Midwest homes and commercial properties that were foreclosed as part of the ordered takeover of banks that it insures. The homes, … [Read more...]

Real Estate Recovery Likely to Produce Higher Home Prices

By Mike Colpitts The fallout from the real estate collapse is starting to see a turn around in some areas of the U.S. Home sales slid 7.4% in March in western U.S. states but fell more modestly in the rest of the country, according to the National Association of Realtors. But home prices in some regions are rising, delivering a promising sign for a nationwide recovery. The national median existing home price was $163,800 at the end of … [Read more...]

Foreclosures Drop Two Straight Months

By Mike Colpitts Demonstrating the U.S. largest five banks are following rules agreed to in their $25 billion settlement with 49 state attorney generals, foreclosures saw a drop for two straight months in March as lenders increased efforts with home mortgage holders, according to RealtyTrac. The drop in foreclosure activity showed there were 198,853 filings against U.S. residential properties during the month, a 4% decline from February … [Read more...]