Formal Foreclosures Fall 21 Straight Months

By Mike Colpitts Formal foreclosures fell for the 21st straight month in July as repossessions on U.S. residential properties ran into additional snags. Lenders completed 53,654 foreclosures during the month, a 1% fall from June and a 21% drop from a year ago, according to RealtyTrac. Bank owned REO activity also fell on an annualized basis in 38 states and the District of Columbia. Some of the biggest drops in foreclosed property sales … [Read more...]

Home Price Appreciation Jumps 2.5% for Year

By Mike Colpitts For the fourth straight month home values have increased in appreciation across the U.S., according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Prices increased 2.5% in June compared to a year ago in the 100 largest metro areas the company tracks. On a month-over-month basis, including foreclosure and short sales, home price appreciation rose 1.3% in June compared to May 2012. The company’s forward looking Home Price Index shows … [Read more...]

Cities, States Respond to Foreclosure Crisis

By Mike Colpitts Since the federal government has only tried piece-meal solutions to resolve the housing mess cities and states across the U.S. are making their own changes to get the foreclosure crisis under control. New laws to help consumers have been passed in nearly three dozen states. San Bernardino County, California hard hit by the foreclosure crisis was the first to take up the possibility of using eminent domain to help underwater … [Read more...]

Effort to Block Bulk Wholesale Home Sales Launched

By Mike Colpitts An effort to block the bulk wholesale home sales of foreclosed property held by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to investors at cheaply discounted prices is being launched by an unlikely member of Congress, a Californian Republican. Rep. Gary Miller, a 14-year GOP incumbent in a battle to retain his House seat in November’s upcoming election is launching the fight. Miller has requested that the financial services committee … [Read more...]

Mortgage Delinquencies Jump

By Mike Colpitts Homeowners in trouble on their mortgages jumped as more homes joined the long line of defaults in May showing another sign the U.S. economy is weakening, according to real estate analytics company Lender Processing Services. The slim 1.1% monthly jump in defaults is a troubling sign for the  U.S.  housing market, still struggling to get out of its rut. But the rate at which homeowners are losing homes to foreclosure or bank … [Read more...]

Foreclosures Jump Resumes After Robo-Signing Slowdown

By Mike Colpitts Foreclosure starts rose for the first time in more than two years in May, signaling a resumption of formal bank repossessions of homes with mortgages in default after months of slower foreclosures. Initial filings were lodged against 205,990 U.S. residential properties, according to RealtyTrac. The increase accounted for a 9% hike in bank filings for the month after lenders resumed preparations to take back properties … [Read more...]

States Rip Off Foreclosure Victims

By Mike Colpitts Almost $1-billion targeted to victims of banking foreclosure fraud is being ripped off from foreclosure victims to be used to pay for other programs for states facing serious financial deficits. The nation’s largest five banks agreed to pay a $25 billion settlement as part of their agreement to settle allegations of illegal forgeries and other frauds in the robo-signing scandal. However, only $2.5 billion is dedicated to … [Read more...]

Recovery Pushes Foreclosures Lower 3 Months

By Mike Colpitts In a sign the U.S. housing market is on the road to recovery, foreclosures dropped for the third month in a row in April, despite a traceable increase in repossessions along the eastern U.S. coast. Initial notices of default were filed against 188,780 residential properties, the lowest since July 2007. Final bank repossessions (REOs) dropped for the third straight month in April, down 7% from March. Lenders completed … [Read more...]

Housing Index Shows Upward Trend

By Mike Colpitts Home prices declined an average of less than one-percent in the U.S. on a year to year basis through the end of March, according to a heavily watched housing price index indicating an upward trend for the marketplace. The CoreLogic index showed that prices were down 0.6% from one year ago, including distressed properties, which are foreclosures and bank assisted short sales. The index monitors 100 of the nation’s largest … [Read more...]

FDIC Puts Real Estate Up for Auction

By Ryan Jackson Flooded with an inventory of foreclosures, the government’s Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which has taken over hundreds of failed banks since the collapse of the U.S. real estate market, is holding an online auction to sell off some of its properties. The FDIC is auctioning-off 50 Midwest homes and commercial properties that were foreclosed as part of the ordered takeover of banks that it insures. The homes, … [Read more...]