2018 Predictions for the Idaho Housing Market

The outlook for the 2018 real estate market has potential all throughout the United States. The latest reports on the subject look very promising for both buyers and sellers. New homes are constructed each day, allowing potential buyers to have plenty to choose from in all markets, in every state. Is this the perfect time for you to finally buy a home in Idaho? The following information will provide you with all the facts and figures you will … [Read more...]

2016 Idaho Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

Much of the nation enjoyed healthy real estate numbers last year and Idaho was no different. Look for this positive trend to continue for the Idaho State 2016 housing market. If you’ve been waiting to purchase a home now is the time before these historically low interest rates rise as well as the price in homes. … [Read more...]

Discover the Best Real Estate Markets for Investing in 2017

After some considerable ups and downs (especially in the aftermath of the 2008 economic fall), the markets around the country are recovered and growing. This previous list of the best real estate markets (which we shared with you some time ago) highlighted the best housing markets through 2016. Readers could then get a better sense of what was going on in this business niche and even choose from the particular housing market which they would feel … [Read more...]

2015 Idaho Housing Market Predictions

The northern state of Idaho may be known in popular culture first and foremost for its beautiful network or dams and locks and for its famous waterfalls, but its economic profile is what makes it truly unique and interesting from a real estate point of view. The 14th largest state in the country and the 7th least densely populated one, Idaho has had a very interesting economic development. We will take a brief look at its main economic factors in … [Read more...]

2014 Idaho Housing Market

The Idaho housing market never did seem to regain momentum following the real estate bubble burst that lead to the recession. However, the first two quarters of 2014 brought on an unexpected trend toward normalization. This normalization is especially apparent in the Boise area. As the data shows, the state experienced the usual seasonal fluctuations in buyer demand and seller offer. Much like the rest of the continental United States, the levels … [Read more...]

2013 Idaho Housing Market

Idaho is enjoying one of the most quickly rebounding economies in the United States, and its real estate market is a healthy part of that trend. That, say experts, is expected to continue through 2013, with no sign of a slowdown in sight. Boise was recently named one of the top five cities leading the national recovery, as well as one of the top five cities with the highest home price appreciation. “In fact,” writes Boise Realtor Paula K. … [Read more...]

2011 Idaho Housing Market

Troubled by one of the highest monthly rates of foreclosures in the nation, Idaho's housing market is battling to find a bottom amid the worst real estate crash in U.S. history. Home sales rose while the federal government was offering a special tax credit to buyers, but then tumbled like an avalanche after the credit expired. Tight mortgage lending criteria and high unemployment beleaguer the market as it moves into the New Year with little hope … [Read more...]

Investor Real Estate Market Forecast

Lucky 7 Investor Forecast The Lucky 7 Best Investor Housing Predictor real estate market forecasts for 2008 are intended for investors willing to take a risk buying real estate to make a profit. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states and the Lucky 7 Forecast is betting that investors will make a profit in the forecast markets. However, purchasers obtaining financing should be able to handle … [Read more...]

2010 Idaho Housing Market

The boost in home sales produced by federal stimulus tax incentives wound down quickly in Idaho, one of the most troubled states in the country in terms of foreclosures. Home prices have been rapidly declining in just about every market in the state, despite its picturesque beauty. However, there are some promising signs for the state as its markets sustain the downturn in real estate. The inventory of homes listed for sale is dropping in most … [Read more...]

Twenty Five Percent of Real Estate Markets to Appreciate

Nearly a quarter of the real estate markets Housing Predictor forecasts in 2008 will see appreciation, while the majority are projected to deflate with slower home sales. Some 251 markets are forecast in all 50 states for the year with 191 projected to depreciate. Sixty are forecast to appreciate. Those forecast to appreciate are generally less populous or have experienced slower housing cycles than the rest of the country, and most are … [Read more...]