Home Owners Trust Real Estate Agents

An over-whelming majority of U.S. home owners trust real estate agents to handle their property transactions and will use agents’ services again, a new Housing Predictor survey has found. The telephone survey of 511 homeowners scattered throughout the nation was conducted during the first two weeks of December at a time when the U.S. housing market is troubled by falling prices as a result of the credit crunch. Housing Predictor regularly … [Read more...]

Housing Crisis in U.S. Worst Since the Depression

Grab a Parachute It has exploded into the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. Home owners with near perfect credit scores are having their homes foreclosed. The subprime crisis has taken a fast leap into the conventional mortgage market, and little is being done to bring it to a halt. The infamous frauds at Enron and World Com may pale in comparison to what has occurred to American consumers, who put their trust in the mortgage … [Read more...]

Further Federal Reserve Interest Rate Cuts Needed

Millions of American homeowners are in crisis facing the doom of foreclosure or the threat of losing their homes. Stimulating the U.S. economy and keeping inflation in check is the job of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and they tried to help the troubled housing markets and the greater U.S. economy by cutting the chief bench mark interest rate by one-half a point. But the Fed’s job is much more involved than simply that in this new … [Read more...]

Hottest 10 Real Estate Buyers Markets in 2009

The hottest buyers housing markets are places you may find comfort in the worst housing crash since at least the Great Depression. The top 10 buyers markets listed by Housing Predictor at mid-year are markets that aren't necessarily big arts and entertainment centers, mostly found in smaller communities. Amarillo, Texas takes the first position as the nation's top buyers market in 2009 with the highest likelihood of housing inflation over the … [Read more...]

Winning in Real Estate Crisis

by Robert Jones Construction workers are re-tiling their bathrooms, real estate agents are taking jobs as waiters and waitresses, and mortgage brokers are sitting around watching TV. The collapse of the housing market has been brutal on just about everyone, it seems, with any connection to the industry. Well, almost everyone. Attorneys are busier than ever. As condo prices collapse in many markets, buyers who long ago signed … [Read more...]

Major Metro Market Forecasts for 2010

The annual major 25 metropolitan housing market forecasts for 2010 are based on population densities in the Greater Metropolitan Statistical areas, and include housing and population density. The forecasts are listed in order from the most populated to the least. Housing Predictor forecasts are issued annually and updated as local market conditions in all of the 250 markets forecast evolve over the entire course of the year. More than 20 … [Read more...]

Affordable Home Owners Insurance

Home owners insurance policies have sky-rocketed in some states, while others are seeing their policy prices remain close to the same. All this has occurred amid record high profits in the insurance industry. Last year insurance companies netted $68-billion, while insurance policies cover less and cost more. In 2005 insurance companies profited a record $48-billion. In many cases affordable home owners insurance is getting harder and harder to … [Read more...]

Housing Recession or Worst U.S. Economic Disaster Likely

The nation's mortgage melt down has evolved into America's real estate crisis amid falling home prices, record foreclosures and weakening consumer confidence and threatens to produce the nation's worst economic disaster in history, a Housing Predictor study reveals. The catastrophic damage could be so widespread that the crisis could reach $600 billion in losses to home owners, Wall Street investors, mortgage companies and banks. The number … [Read more...]

Emergency Action by Fed Throwing Lifelines

By Mike Colpitts Stopping Bear Stearns from a total meltdown and throwing lifelines to other financial institutions, the Federal Reserve has come to the aid of financial institutions more than since the Great Depression. The only time actions taken close to this came at the peak of the U.S. Savings and Loan Fraud Crisis in 1990. The actions underscore the Fed’s concern over worsening overall economic conditions and a national real estate … [Read more...]

Overwhelming Majority Favor Homeownership

By Mike Colpitts An overwhelming majority favor homeownership over renting despite the housing downturn, according to a new study. The results were found as part of a Fannie Mae survey that asked a variety of questions revolving homeownership and the economy. An astonishing 85% of respondants said they favor homeownership over renting based on the fact that owning a home was “financially better” than renting. Home values in more than 100 … [Read more...]