Housing Predictor Opinion Poll Results

Huge Majority Want Government to Stay Out of Foreclosure Crisis Despite the strong likelihood that it would develop a full-fledged economic depression, more than 3 out of 4 polled say they want the U.S. government to stop interfering with the foreclosure crisis and allow it to run its course. A huge 78% of those surveyed said they want the epidemic of foreclosures sweeping the nation to run its course, despite the impact it would have on the … [Read more...]

2011 California Housing Market

Like suffering through a painful New Year’s hangover, California is slumbering through the fallout of the real estate crash after twin tax credits artificially boosted its housing market only to return to a slowdown. As the world’s sixth largest economy on its own, California isn’t exactly falling into economic ruin, but it isn’t making headway into an economic recovery either. The housing market is still pained by a foreclosure crisis … [Read more...]

2011 Alabama Housing Market

Soaring unemployment and weak economic fundamentals are leading the Alabama housing market into a second down turn that is projected to pull home prices down further. Home sales have slowed after the federal tax credit for home buyers’ expired, leading to a growing series of problems for Alabama, which includes worries along the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil disaster. Work crews are still cleaning-up Orange Beach, where oil from the BP … [Read more...]

2011 Kentucky Housing Market

Painfully high joblessness and business closings trouble Kentucky as it tries to move out of the economic downturn into a recovery in housing, but an over-supply of homes on the market and foreclosures trouble the state, despite near record low mortgage rates. Consumer confidence over the real estate market ails homeowners trying to sell their homes. In Louisville, the state’s largest metropolitan area home sales rose with the federal home … [Read more...]

Worst Housing Markets in 2009

The downward spiral in housing markets is showing signs of improving in many areas of the country as home sales rise, but there's no shortage of double-digit losers in the Worst 25 Housing Markets selected by Housing Predictor in 2009. Without more government assistance don't expect much more improvement. Detroit, Michigan takes the #1 position with the worst forecast deflation in 2009. Hundreds of thousands of job layoffs are hurting condo … [Read more...]

Mortgage Flu Hits Real Estate

As home foreclosures increase daily weakening real estate markets a new world flu has struck. The subprime crisis evolved into the national housing crisis only to become the mortgage flu. Some 89 percent of people surveyed by Housing Predictor blame mortgage companies for artificially inflating the housing market by selling too many mortgages to those unable to re-pay at higher rates. Five-hundred people were surveyed for the study, which … [Read more...]

U.S. Economy on Brink of Depression

The entire U.S. economy is already in a recession, but it maybe much worse teetering on the brink of a depression driven by deteriorating real estate markets. There have been six depressions since 1837 in the U.S. There is much more damage that can result to the real estate markets and the overall American economy as a result of the credit crisis. Foreclosures reached all-time record levels in 2007 and will surpass that in 2008, according to … [Read more...]

Real Estate Appreciation in 2008

Only 3 States with Appreciation It's getting harder and harder to find housing markets that are doing well in what has developed into a national housing depression in most places. But there are 3 states with enough markets that are appreciating to still make the Housing Predictor top appreciation list. Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota are the exceptions to the rule. Their majority of housing markets are experiencing appreciation or at least … [Read more...]

Saving Financial Markets Fed’s Priority Not Real Estate

By Mike Colpitts Editor Taking its most aggressive action in years, the Federal Reserve is attempting to save the U.S. economy from falling into an economic depression. The infusion of $200-billion into the money markets is intended to theoretically act to help mortgage lenders, banks and other lenders from failing. The credit crunch has sent financial markets reeling and stock prices to new record lows in many cases. But the Fed’s … [Read more...]

Long Haul Recovery Forecast in U.S. Housing

The U.S. housing market won't return to healthy levels of activity in the majority of the Nation's real estate markets until at least sometime in 2009, perhaps even later, according to the latest analysis of Housing Predictor. The housing market recovery will be a long haul. A series of interest rate cuts are expected by Housing Predictor by the Fed in an attempt to restimulate the housing market, halt falling prices in the majority of the … [Read more...]