Find Out How Much House Can I Afford With my Salary

​Now that winter is almost over thousands of people will begin actively searching for a home. If you’re one of these people the first thing you want to ask yourself is, How much house can I afford with my salary​. This is important so that you don’t set your expectations too high and find the right home that can reasonably fit in your budget. This can be done fairly easily by plugging your personal income numbers into a mortgage affordability … [Read more...]

What Will Happen with Mortgage Interest Rates in 2016

Last year Freddie Mac reported that their lowest 30 year fixed-rate mortgage rates hovered between 3.59% and 4.09%. This is the least amount that rates have moved during a calendar year since 1998. And the continuation of low rates has helped consumers, in particular first time homebuyers. With rent prices rising and mortgage payments staying relatively the same those debating whether to own their own home have begun to see that home ownership … [Read more...]

Next Real Estate Boom Not Till 2020

A boom in the majority of the nation's real estate markets won't develop again until at least sometime after 2020, according to the consensus of opinion of Housing Predictor analysts. The credit crunch, which was started by a fuselage of new creative financing products, including aggressive adjustable rate subprime mortgages and specially designed loans for investors will have a lingering impact on the majority of housing markets in the … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Crisis – “I Wouldn’t Have Bought the House”

Barbara MacGregor and her husband are a lot like a lot of other people. They had never owned a home. Barbara would look through the newspaper occasionally dreaming about some day owning a home with her husband, but she new they couldn’t really afford one in high priced Southern California real estate. At the grocery store she would pick-up real estate magazines filled with home listings, and show the bright pictures to her husband, who would … [Read more...]

Wealth Effect of Real Estate

It's as American as apple pie, Chevrolet and baseball. You may not know what it's called, but if you live in the great U.S.A. it's had a hold on you. The "Wealth Effect" of real estate can be addictive. It's why so many of us go to the classified ads and the computer to check real estate listings just to see what the neighbors home down the street was listed for... and then after a SOLD sign gets posted why we check to see how much it sold … [Read more...]

Major Real Estate Market Forecasts in 2009

Major Metropolitan Real Estate Market Forecasts The major 25 real estate metropolitan statistical areas are based on housing and population densities in the Greater Metropolitan areas, and are listed in order from the heaviest populated areas to the least concentrated in 2009. The Housing Predictor forecasts are issued annually at the beginning of the year and updated throughout the calendar year as market conditions and economic dynamics … [Read more...]

8 Ways to Lower Homeowners Insurance

By Lindsey Hadwin Homeowners insurance is a necessary expense, but the cost doesn't have break the bank. If you think you’re paying too much, it’s time to re-evaluate your policy and find ways to lower your premium without sacrificing coverage. There are many simple, inexpensive, and easy ways to save money on your homeowners insurance rates. Shop Around Getting multiple quotes from competing companies is the best way to ensure that … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investment Pays Off Over Years

Investment real estate has made more millionaires in America than any other form of investing, a survey by Housing Predictor shows. Millions are made in investment real estate. The majority of the wealthiest families in the Nation have made their fortunes investing in real estate. Many start out investing in simple single family homes, parlay the profits into a duplex or other forms of real estate and discover wealth in investment real … [Read more...]

2010 Georgia Housing Market

Home sales are sliding in Georgia and foreclosures are climbing as markets are hampered by high unemployment, despite some of the lowest mortgage rates in history. But the housing market poses the best buyers market in more than a decade for those looking to get into a home. Despite rising home sales prompted by the federal home buyers’ tax credit in the early part of the year, values on homes are deteriorating mainly because of the … [Read more...]

Navigating the New Year

By Brad Risen Economist Happy New Year! It's 2009, the year that America will go head to head with the U.S. economy like no other since the Great Depression. So enjoy your New Year's punch now. You'll need it! I have never been a pessimist. I grew up thinking and being the serial optimist. But the World has changed and things are going to be rough in 2009. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs. Millions more will lose their homes. … [Read more...]