Use the Craigslist Boston Apartments Page to Score the Perfect Property

If you plan on investing in the Boston housing market, 2015 seems like the perfect year to do so. You probably know this if you read our report on the top 25 housing market predictions for 2015. Boston (and the greater Massachusetts real estate market) are poised for greatness in terms of real estate investment this year. It’s really no wonder. With relatively low crime rates (1.34 percent) and a median value for occupied homes of more than $190k, it’s probably time you hit the Craigslist Boston apartments page before all the good deals are snagged by eager investors. After all, median sales prices for homes are on the up and up, with a 12.9 percent year-on-year boost. So, get to it before the area’s affordability runs out and interest rates escalate again.

To this end, today’s post will teach you all the basics about investing in property in different neighborhoods in Boston and its surrounding cities. We’ll be taking a look at the top Boston neighborhoods and metro areas to invest regarding property value, price, safety, school district, etc. Finally, we’ll give you a primer on how to use the Craigslist Boston apartments page to scoop up hot property at a great price.

Craigslist Boston Apartments The Top 3 Investment Areas for Boston Housing

Roslindale MA

Roslindale MA is a rather expensive area to invest in, but the quality of life there is definitely worth the current average listing price of $516,333. The area, located in Suffolk County, boasts a low crime rate of only 1.21 percent (actually lower than the one in Boston), plus a well-reviewed school system, with highly rated institutions. Affordability has been going up in Roslindale since the beginning of this year, with the average listing price going down and the number of listings on the increase.

Medford MA

The average listing price for Medford MA currently stands at $457k, slightly up from the week before. The median sales price, currently poised at $382.5k, has seen a significant 23.4 percent increase on a year-on-year basis. There are 43 foreclosures on the market right now, violent crime rates are .13 percent and the school district includes 9 institutions, most of which seem to be popular with parents.

Somerville MA

In Somerville MA, the average price per square foot now stands at $464 – up by 22.4 percent since the same time last year. Current median home sales prices are poised at $510k, up by 13.3 percent since February 2014. Of the 31 homes for sale on the market, 21 are bank-owned, pre-foreclosure, or about to be auctioned off. There are 11 public schools in Somerville, while the violent crime rate in the area is .43 percent: higher than the 0.14 percent average for Middlesex County, but still completely acceptable.


Invest with the Craigslist Boston Apartments and Homes Page

Assuming you already know the general rules of investing in property  (income, ROI, cash flow, the 2 percent rule for rentals, the 50 percent income-to-expenses rule, and the 70 percent maximum price after repairs rule), let’s take a look at how Craigslist can help you. Now that you’ve decided the criteria that the property has to meet before you consider investing in it, head on down to the popular ad listings directory.

As you may already know, Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world (#51 of all websites as of the writing of this article). Billions of people visit it and there are millions of freely placed classifieds there right now. Now, for real estate brokers, using Craigslist to scoop up property sales leads is run-of-the-mill. You, too, can use the same approach – and there even exist automated tools that will help you expedite this process. For instance, the IFTTT website will help you select several types of property that you might be interested in buying for investment. Of course, you can also do this manually via the Craigslist search function itself. This, however, will require a bit more time, since you’re going to have to manually search for specific areas or filter out the types of apartments or homes you’re not interested in.

If you’ve been playing at the property investment game for a while now, you could even decide to place a buyer’s ad on Craigslist. Make sure you do this right, though. Don’t put up your email, as you might get bombarded with spam – a phone number and/or website will do. Attach a picture with an optimized file name, since no one will want to check out an ad without a picture. And finally, make sure the text of your ad is optimized by properly filling in the city or county name and even adding keywords that you believe might attract the specific type of apartment seller in Boston you’re looking for (e.g. foreclosures, apartments by owners, etc.).