National Real Estate Recession Hits

Troubled by the mortgage melt down and falling home prices, the U.S. housing market has fallen into a national real estate recession, according to the latest analysis by Housing Predictor. The over-whelming majority of local real estate markets are either in housing recessions or battling to keep their economies strong enough to keep from declining. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets and at least 221 are in the … [Read more...]

Wealth Effect of Real Estate

It's as American as apple pie, Chevrolet and baseball. You may not know what it's called, but if you live in the great U.S.A. it's had a hold on you. The "Wealth Effect" of real estate can be addictive. It's why so many of us go to the classified ads and the computer to check real estate listings just to see what the neighbors home down the street was listed for... and then after a SOLD sign gets posted why we check to see how much it sold … [Read more...]

Top 25 Forecast Housing Markets in 2009

Editor's Note: The Annual Top 25 Housing Market Forecasts may be accessed for 2010 by clicking on the "Best 25 Markets" on the menu on the left.     Fewer housing markets are forecast to appreciate making the Housing Predictor Top 25 market list for the year as job layoffs and business failures throw the national economy into a deepening recession. There are now eight markets forecast to experience housing inflation in … [Read more...]

Housing Predictor Opinion Poll Results

Huge Majority Want Government to Stay Out of Foreclosure Crisis Despite the strong likelihood that it would develop a full-fledged economic depression, more than 3 out of 4 polled say they want the U.S. government to stop interfering with the foreclosure crisis and allow it to run its course. A huge 78% of those surveyed said they want the epidemic of foreclosures sweeping the nation to run its course, despite the impact it would have on the … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investment Pays Off Over Years

Investment real estate has made more millionaires in America than any other form of investing, a survey by Housing Predictor shows. Millions are made in investment real estate. The majority of the wealthiest families in the Nation have made their fortunes investing in real estate. Many start out investing in simple single family homes, parlay the profits into a duplex or other forms of real estate and discover wealth in investment real … [Read more...]

Best Housing Markets in 2010

*Note: To access the latest "Best 25 Markets" select Top 25 Markets from the menu on the left. More housing markets are forecast to experience appreciation in 2010 as the nation's real estate markets move closer to stabilization. The Best 25 Housing Markets named annually by Housing Predictor hold the strongest likelihood of housing inflation of all 250 market predictions issued. Despite the weak economy, home sales are increasing in the … [Read more...]

Navigating the New Year

By Brad Risen Economist Happy New Year! It's 2009, the year that America will go head to head with the U.S. economy like no other since the Great Depression. So enjoy your New Year's punch now. You'll need it! I have never been a pessimist. I grew up thinking and being the serial optimist. But the World has changed and things are going to be rough in 2009. Millions of Americans will lose their jobs. Millions more will lose their homes. … [Read more...]

Worst Housing Forecasts in 2011

For a time government stimulus money combined with lower home prices and historically low mortgage rates to drive home sales and prices in some areas of the country higher, but the so-called second leg in the housing market downturn is underway in many regions of the U.S. Led by fourteen states, the worst 25 forecast housing markets are projected to deflate in average values in 2011 as the nation grows more accustom to a new sort of economy … [Read more...]

2011 Alabama Housing Market

Soaring unemployment and weak economic fundamentals are leading the Alabama housing market into a second down turn that is projected to pull home prices down further. Home sales have slowed after the federal tax credit for home buyers’ expired, leading to a growing series of problems for Alabama, which includes worries along the Gulf of Mexico from the BP oil disaster. Work crews are still cleaning-up Orange Beach, where oil from the BP … [Read more...]

Record Low Mortgage Rates Trigger Loan Increase

By Mike Colpitts All-time record low mortgage rates triggered a revival in applications for home financing. Both refinances and new home mortgage applications were up for the first time in three weeks as homeowners and home purchasers returned to the market in greater numbers. Applications saw a large pick-up, despite the Labor Day holiday. The market composite index, a combination of both refinancing and new mortgage purchase applications … [Read more...]