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Short Sale vs Foreclosure: A Distinct Difference You Should Know

Image from PixabayWhen a homeowner is unable to continue making the monthly mortgage payments on their home, they are often faced with the choice of a short sale vs foreclosure. There are several important factors to consider before choosing one option over the other and time is usually a major factor in the availability and viability of either alternative. Quick Navigation What Is a Short Sale?Short Sale ProcessShort Sale PackageShort Sale … [Read more...]

Who Pays Closing Costs: Our Complete Guide

Congratulations on making the decision to buy or sell a home! It's an exciting time. Whether you're buying/selling for the first time or looking to flip one of countless properties that you've invested in, it's good to remember who pays closing costs in this situation. It may seem like a minor part of the overall equation,  but the people responsible for facilitating the sale of the property are bound by the laws and the traditions of real … [Read more...]