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2018 Kentucky Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

Most people picture the Kentucky Derby when they think of Kentucky, but this classic image of Southern hospitality is one of the driving factors people are searching for homes in the area.One of the best things about living in Kentucky is that while living here is inexpensive, the amenities available to low-cost areas abound. Quick Navigation What to Expect in KentuckyLimitations of the Kentucky Housing MarketFrankfort, KYNicholasville, … [Read more...]

2018 South Dakota Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

South Dakota is home to national treasures like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, along with many national parks dedicated to keeping nature with nature.What is surprising is that areas of South Dakota have a booming housing market, and the momentum continues to rise as the sellers’ market maintains its hold over available properties. Quick Navigation What to Expect in the South Dakota Housing MarketLimitations of the South Dakota Housing MarketA … [Read more...]

2018 California Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

California’s housing market is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. Instead, the supply remains limited while the demand continues to grow.The question remains, will there be a burst bubble any time soon? Will prices fall? What about the tax reform bill that was signed and passed? Quick Navigation Influencing Factors of the 2018 California Housing MarketWhat to Expect in CaliforniaEureka, CAOxnard, CAChico, CAHousing Statistics in … [Read more...]

2018 Alaska Housing Market and Real Estate Predictions

Alaska became the 49th U.S. state in the year 1959. Known as “The Last Frontier” the state is the largest state in terms of area, measuring over 600,000 sq/mi. In terms of population, however, Alaska is the 48th least populous state and the least densely populated state in all of the U.S. Alaska is located in the northernmost extremity of North America. Prominent industries in the state of Alaska include fishing, natural gas, and oil … [Read more...]

2018 Montana Housing Market and Real Estate Market Predictions

Montana, the state with two unofficial nicknames – Big Sky Country and The Treasure State, is one of the northernmost mainland states in the US. It also shares its northern border with the southern borders of British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The state is quite large – the fourth largest in the area behind California, Texas, and Alaska – but is very sparsely populated. Having only 1,042,520 residents, the state is ranked as the … [Read more...]

2018 New Hampshire Housing Market And Real Estate Predictions

New Hampshire is a state filled with history as well as limited waterfront property, meaning a continued demand for seacoast homes.As with many locations across the country, it is increasingly difficult to find affordable housing in the area, especially for those that are first-time home buyers or individuals that hope to downsize their existing situation. Quick Navigation What to Expect for New Hampshire HousingLimitations of the New Hampshire … [Read more...]