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2015 Tennessee Housing Market Predictions

Like much of the rest of the country, the Tennessee Housing Market experienced a steady increase this past year in terms of home values. Housing market predictions see this trend continuing into next year. Harold Crye, the president of Tennessee’s biggest real estate firm, said that sales would rise about 5% in 2015. About the economy he stated, “The jobs don’t quite seem to be there” yet, but “they’re picking up.” You can compare this year's … [Read more...]

2015 Kentucky Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

When considering Kentucky real estate, a few things might come to mind. Kentucky has certainly had its influence on American culture. Our country has a strong association between bourbon and the Kentucky heartland. Bardstown, Kentucky is the self-proclaimed “Bourbon Capital of the World.” The state proudly promotes its Kentucky Bourbon Trail that includes stops at renowned distilleries like Wild Turkey, Maker’s Mark, and Woodford Reserve. But … [Read more...]

2015 Illinois Housing Market Predictions

If you are interested in the latest information about the Illinois Real Estate, you have come to the right place. After covering the 2014 Illinois Housing Market, we have analyzed current data and prepared housing market predictions for the state of Illinois in 2015. After a barely visible increase of just 0.5% in 2014, the following year for the Illinois Housing Market is looking much better. Data from Zillow predicts that Illinois home values … [Read more...]

2015 Indiana Real Estate Market Predictions

After a painfully slow increase last year, the near future for the Indiana Housing Market looks quite bright by comparison. Housing market predictions by Zillow estimate a 3.2% increase for Indiana throughout 2015 which is a huge leap forward as opposed to the 0.3% experienced in the year that passed. This is a great opportunity for both home owners who are interested in selling their properties at the best prices in the following year and for … [Read more...]

2015 Wisconsin Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

The Wisconsin real estate field has been known among realtors to be slow at best if not downright deprecated following the effects of the post-recession. The past year (2014 through mid-2015) brought with it a 0.1% rate of decline to the 2015 housing market in Wisconsin. Those were only the ripples of a longer period of depression. Things only now seem to be improving for this local market. The rate of transactions is therefore likely to … [Read more...]

2015 Michigan Housing Market Predictions

The Michigan Housing Market experienced a slow increase in the first half of 2015. Current reports seem to indicate that the rise will continue even more vigorously for the next year (until mid-2016 and presumably on afterwards). Currently rated as the 13th out of the 50 states, Michigan’s economy is considerably one of the strongest in the country, and the healthy rhythm of this economy obviously trickles down to the housing market as well, … [Read more...]

2015 Ohio Housing Market Predictions

The Ohio Housing Market has seen an increase of 1.7% in the past year and the good news seems to be here to stay: according to the Zillow 2015 housing market predictions, it will continue to rise by 2.6% in the time interval from May 2015 to May 2016. Investors looking at the current Ohio real estate market have all the reasons to place their confidence in the growing value of their potential assets. This is good news for people looking to sell … [Read more...]

2015 Florida Housing Market Predictions

The Florida Housing Market is not necessarily busting at the seams, but statewide housing data indicates that the market is growing along normal trend lines. This means that the pace of sales, median sale price increases, and other significant data tell of moderate and sustainable growth. Florida continues to be one of the most desirable places to live in the country and this is evident, as the state’s population has been growing along with its … [Read more...]

2015 Georgia Housing Market Predictions

According to home appreciation rates for Georgia real estate have been some of the most stagnant in the country for the last 10 and 25 years. And according to the National Association of Realtors, Georgia is 1 of 10 states not yet caught up with others in the housing recovery. Realtor Howard Flaschen states that a reason that Georgia may not be seeing full housing recovery might be simply be because of tight mortgage credit. … [Read more...]

2015 South Carolina Housing Market Predictions

The South Carolina Housing Market is seeing a steady increase in home values and looks to continue this trend for the near future. Home values have increased 3% this past year and Zillow predicts that they will continue to rise another 2.6% for the next year. South Carolina Real Estate is primed for continued growth along with much of the nation. “It’s not a huge influx. It’s just kind of a steady healthy growth,” says real estate agent Danny … [Read more...]