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2015 New York Real Estate Market Forecasts

The 2013 New York housing market (along with the 2014 market) was driven by a significant uptick in the luxury segment. It almost seemed as if homes with lower price tags than $1 million had all but disappeared from the market and that condos especially targeted at billionaires were taking over. In fact, reputed sources such as Bloomberg Business went as far as to wonder aloud whether the NYC market was approaching a luxury bubble in early 2015. … [Read more...]

Can You Sell Your Home With Technology? You Can With These 5 Home Innovations

Using targeting strategies is an excellent way to ensure you sell your home; and using age as a possible target could be a wise choice. An article in the New York Times quotes data from the Census Bureau to highlight the fact that the majority of Americans now fall in the 22-24 year olds category; and maybe these should be the target for your sale. So how would you attract a younger buyer to your home? Perhaps, as technology is such a huge part … [Read more...]

Housing Market Predictions for the 2015 Connecticut Housing Market

According to several sources on the New England real estate market, in 2014, the overall performance of the single family home and condo markets in Connecticut performed rather solidly and predictably. The sales volume and average sales prices matched those posted for the 2013 Connecticut housing market: 26,340 homes were sold in total, while the average selling price stood at $411,400 in 2014. Condo sales gained impressive grounds last year, on … [Read more...]