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2014 Minnesota Housing Market

The 2014 Minnesota housing market experienced some serious stagnation. However, along with the stagnation, this market also saw consistent signs of growth and a slow (but steady) improvement. As of the time this article being published, most market analysts (as well as many sellers) expressed a feeling of confidence in their housing market. The market backed up these optimistic views through an increase in the number of properties on sale: in … [Read more...]

2014 Texas Housing Market

The Texas housing market historically stood as one of the nation’s most important real estate markets. Nationwide analyses and forecasts for the 2014 Texas housing market haven't shown anything different. Major media outlets such as Forbes and CNN named the 2014 Texas housing market as one of the top areas to invest in this year. However, recent conflicting reports from the real estate world point out a degree of inconsistency and decreasing … [Read more...]

2014 Oklahoma Housing Market

The fact that Oklahoma possesses one of the most prosperous housing markets in the United States is no longer news to anyone. Many touted the 2014 Oklahoma housing market as one the best markets in the country for quite a long time now; in fact, in early April 2010, a Business Week report listed Oklahoma as one of the strongest markets in the country. The estimate includes a 3.6 percent rate of growth for home prices over the course of four … [Read more...]

2014 Kansas Housing Market

The Kansas housing market experienced significant growth and strength in the past few years. Experts from the state’s Wichita State University expect more of the same in the 2014 Kansas housing market. They predict that the market will exhibit a strong tendency towards balance. Late last year, the university’s Center for Real Estate issued its yearly Housing Markets Forecast report. This report predicted a 5 percent increase in home sales this … [Read more...]

2014 Nebraska Housing Market

The state of Nebraska housing market experienced two stand-out years in 2013 and 2012. Omaha’s metropolitan area fared particularly well in terms of homes sold over the course of that time period. Similarly, the number of new housing permits released in 2013 set a four-year record in Omaha. Of course, this record breaking figure left buyers and real estate market experts wondering if the 2014 Nebraska Housing Market would produce similar results, … [Read more...]