2013 New Hampshire Housing Market

The number of homes and condos sold in Dover, N.H. is up 23 percent so far in 2013 over the same time last year, while the inventory is down to 157 versus the usual 200-220. Thankfully, say Dover real estate professionals, low mortgage interest rates are giving potential buyers a great deal of purchasing power, which is driving sales numbers. “My predictions for Dover, N.H. real estate in 2013 is going to be on the cautious side,” said … [Read more...]

2013 Montana Housing Market

Big Sky Country is experiencing slow and steady real estate market growth. Through 2013, “the volume of single-family homes being sold should be up 10 percent to 15 percent in the eighth largest realtor associations in Montana: Billings, Bitterroot, Gallatin, Great Falls, Helena, Missoula, and the Northwest,” said John E.C. Lagerquist, a sales associate at Century 21 Heritage Realty with more than 40 years of professional real estate … [Read more...]

2013 Iowa Housing Market

The big real estate news in Iowa in 2013 is largely commercial- and farm-related. Forbes Magazine recently named Des Moines one of a handful of emerging downtowns, thanks to the city’s efforts to revitalize its commercial core. The distinction is focusing national attention on the city’s Principal Riverwalk, public art, and attempts to increase housing. The Business Record published an article in March (“Commercial real estate: Steady as … [Read more...]

2013 Illinois Housing Market

According to economist Geoffrey J.D. Hewings, director of the Regional Economics Applications Laboratory and professor of Geography, Economics and Urban and Regional Planning for the University of Illinois, the state should experience home sale price recovery through 2013. In 2012, Illinois Realtor magazine interviewed Hewings regarding the future of Illinois real estate. The magazine asked him what the most important factor was in the health … [Read more...]

2013 Georgia Housing Market

Real estate prices in Georgia hit bottom and are beginning to climb slowly but surely as the state emerges from the economic wreckage of the Great Recession. In a March Marketplace Money article (“Atlanta real estate: Peachy keen or sour grapes?”), Atlanta Realtor Deborah Gilmore said, “we do have a heartbeat now. We had flat line for quite a while, but we are beating. That's good news. Certain areas of Atlanta, where high-end is predominant, … [Read more...]

2013 South Carolina Housing Market

South Carolina’s economy continues to limp along following the Great Recession, but pent-up demand from those seeking property is fueling a gradual real estate market recovery. The real estate markets in Columbia and South Carolina in general have improved consistently over the last 18 months. Sales are up, construction is up, and inventory is down. While the state has struggled with high unemployment for several years, it is seeing some … [Read more...]

2013 Massachusetts Housing Market

Massachusetts real estate professionals are rejoicing at evidence that the state’s real estate market is surging ahead. “All signs indicate that we are very likely skimming the bottom of the real estate bust, and things are just beginning to look up,” wrote Judy Reynolds, Sterling Massachusetts Realtor, in a November 2012 post on the Massachusetts Real Estate Trends blog. She noted that the state had less real estate market distance to close … [Read more...]

2013 Kansas Housing Market

The real estate market is slightly improving in Kansas, and experts predict it will continue on that course through 2013. In February, Kansas realty firm J.P. Weigand & Sons offered a 2013 forecast, presenting findings at a conference in Wichita, Kan. According to coverage in the Wichita Eagle (“Real estate forecast in Wichita area: Market is improving”), “Jerry Gray, vice president and general manager of Weigand’s commercial/investment … [Read more...]

2013 Indiana Housing Market

Last year was disappointing for Indiana’s real estate professionals and investors, but 2013 should offer a turnaround, said Kyle J. Anderson, Indiana University Kelley School of Business clinical assistant professor of business economics. “The Indianapolis-Carmel metropolitan area should expect to see a rebound in 2013 along with the rest of the country and state.” Still, the Indianapolis real estate market hasn’t entirely turned the corner, … [Read more...]

2013 Idaho Housing Market

Idaho is enjoying one of the most quickly rebounding economies in the United States, and its real estate market is a healthy part of that trend. That, say experts, is expected to continue through 2013, with no sign of a slowdown in sight. Boise was recently named one of the top five cities leading the national recovery, as well as one of the top five cities with the highest home price appreciation. “In fact,” writes Boise Realtor Paula K. … [Read more...]