70 US Cities Forecast with Higher Home Prices

By Mike Colpitts Nearly mid-way through the year 70 U.S. cities housing markets are forecast to recover in 2012, and some of them are already making successful inroads on their way with appreciating home prices. The cities include five that were forecast by Housing Predictor at the beginning of the year to appreciate in value, including Miami, Florida which is seeing unparalleled appreciation in the single family home market and … [Read more...]

Best Housing Markets 2012

The Best Markets for 2012 has been updated. To see the updated forecast of the Best 25 Housing Markets 2012 click here. … [Read more...]

Worst Housing Markets 2012

Little by little even the worst U.S. housing markets forecast for the year are getting better. The hardest hit 25 cities projected by Housing Predictor in 2012 have had some major changes, including the elimination of Las Vegas, Nevada as Sin City makes its way back from the worst real estate crash in the nation’s history. Home sales have been soaring in Las Vegas for six months and home prices are on their way up in many areas, despite a … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Real Estate Forecasts

The top 25 largest metropolitan real estate market forecasts in the U.S are listed from the largest cities based on population density and the number of homes to the smallest. The forecasts that compile this list are taken from the 230 cities annually forecast by Housing Predictor analysts after collecting data on more than 20 factors, including recent home prices, local political influences, mortgage interest rates, home sale velocity, … [Read more...]

2012 Vermont Housing Market

Home sales increased slightly in Vermont, mainly because of homes that were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Irene moving though the area over the summer, and low mortgage rates. An estimated 700 homes were damaged or destroyed in the freak tropical storm that struck the state, the worst natural disaster to hit Vermont since 1927. Some entire small towns were cut-off from aid for days following the storm in central and southern Vermont. Food … [Read more...]

2012 Nevada Housing Market

A drop-off in the number of homes being foreclosed due to a new state law, and an increase in bank assisted short sales is driving a rise in home prices for Nevada cities though the end of the year. The turn around is a stark contrast to the deteriorating conditions in the state’s housing markets the last six years. Home values are forecast to finish 2012 with housing inflation in Las Vegas, despite a bulging supply of homes still in the … [Read more...]

2012 California Housing Market

An improving employment picture coupled with record low mortgage rates and fewer foreclosure sales are sending the California housing market into overdrive. Despite the tough economy in most of the Golden State and an expected hike in foreclosure sales, most of California’s housing markets are now forecast to appreciate for 2013. The impact of the foreclosure crisis has been devastating for most of the state, and some of the hardest hit … [Read more...]

2012 Idaho Housing Market

Pushed by record low mortgage rates and the lowest home prices in years, most of Idaho's housing markets are in the midst of a major turn around, and are projected to appreciate in home values by the end of the year. A limited supply of homes on the market in Idaho cities is also helping home prices to climb as the region pushes out of the bottom of the market. Boise had been one of the hardest hit cities in the U.S. housing collapse but the … [Read more...]

2012 Alabama Housing Market

A drop in home buyer interest driven by a lack of consumer confidence and record long high unemployment has sent the Alabama housing market into the doldrums, with home values declining at their highest rate on record in some areas of the state. Foreclosures and short sales are driving the drop in home prices in Mobile along the troubled Gulf Coast, where distressed property sales are making up the majority of transactions. The pent-up supply … [Read more...]

2012 Iowa Housing Market

While most of the U.S. deals with the fallout of the financial crisis and the real estate collapse, Iowa is experiencing some of the most prosperous times in history as farming drives the state to its best run in decades. Farm profits are spiking in the midst of the worst U.S. economy since at least the Great Depression. The sale of grains, corn and soy beans are bringing farmers record profits as demand exceeds supply for international … [Read more...]