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Forecasting the Bottom of the Housing Market

As the U.S. government attempts to repair the broken capitalistic system and come up with a full housing rescue plan, hopes rise that the troubled market will recover from the worst economic housing depression in history. The bottom of housing market price deflation is now forecast by Housing Predictor to develop in the final quarter of 2010. Bottoms of housing markets begin to develop as more people buy homes at lower prices and are scattered … [Read more...]

Surge in Multiple Offers Sparks Markets

By John Hines Economist A surge in multiple offers to buy homes is sweeping the country and pumping up home sales. The Obama administration's housing plan is beginning to make an impact from Fort Meyers Beach, Florida to the Great Lakes all the way across to hard hit California. In Sacramento, California where the housing crisis may have found its roots, foreclosures and bargain priced properties listed for sale by lenders have increased … [Read more...]

Happy Housing Times in College Towns

By Kevin Chiu They're not known for being real estate hot beds, but small college towns have been recognized by real estate investors for being the rare exception in economic downturns for decades. San Luis Obispo, California and Auburn, Alabama deep in the heart of Dixie are an unlikely pairing that illustrates exceptions in America's hard-hit housing market. But the two communities' have more in common than just colleges. San Luis Obispo … [Read more...]

Negativity Eases as the Bubble Pops

By John Hines Economist As financial bubbles pop negativity eases. The negative feed back loop in economics goes like this: Negative feedback begets negative feedback and the economy worsens. When people think things are bad they reinforce the idea that the economy is bad and then spend less, scrimp and save and the economy worsens. This is especially true in an economy like ours that depends on 70% of it through consumerism. There are … [Read more...]

Preparing for the Next Real Estate Boom

By Mike Colpitts All economic downturns have their own identifiers. Mega-sized government bailouts are intended to produce a return of powerful market forces, and this economic recession has more than a large chance of turning into an economic depression. But for all of its failures this current financial crisis is taking on its own powerful personality that may not send the national economy into a depression, but instead produce another real … [Read more...]

Foreclosures May Top 12 Million

As many as 12-million more homes could be in jeopardy of foreclosure in the nation's growing foreclosure epidemic, which accounts for nearly 1 out of 12 homes. The rise in homeowners at risk has resulted from the senate's failure to pass a bill forcing "cram downs" in bankruptcy courts. The senate's decision came on a 45-51 vote defeating the bill, which would have called on bankruptcy judges to adjust mortgages in federal court. Despite … [Read more...]