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America’s Newest Real Estate Boom

By John Hines Down on their luck and out of dollars the homeless are flocking to tent cities creating America's new real estate boom, evicted from their homes by foreclosure and job losses. Hooverville era tent cities are popping up all over America, many in places that have never witnessed an explosion of this sort before. With foreclosures topping 4-million properties nationwide and rising unemployment, many of the residents have no other … [Read more...]

Best Buyers Market Forecast

Despite the gloomy national economic outlook, the best buyers' real estate market in at least four years will develop by late summer in most housing markets, according to the new Housing Predictor forecast. Lower interest rates will draw buyers to make purchases of homes more than in years. Increased buyer activity in housing and more home sales will demonstrate the first signs of a recovery. The $750-billion injection by the Fed to … [Read more...]

No Housing Bottom in Sight

There is no end in sight for the bottom of the declining housing market, despite efforts by the new Obama Administration to aid the ailing markets, according to the latest Housing Predictor forecast. Lack of a coherent plan to stem the epidemic of foreclosures has continued to erode housing values, which are falling in the over-whelming majority of the country. The $75-billion Obama effort to modify mortgages is only a drop in the bucket to … [Read more...]

Condo Buyers Winning Refunds

By Chris Tyler Growing numbers of preconstruction condominium buyers caught in the credit crisis are getting their deposits refunded from Florida up the east coast to New York across the nation to California. Amid double digit declines in condo values, momentum is building in courtrooms for buyers who have waited beyond their contract deadlines for units to be complete. The myriad of legal entanglements has led to a battle pitting condo … [Read more...]

Biggest Buyers Market Hits

As the nation struggles with an ailing economy, housing markets all over the U.S. are experiencing the biggest buyers markets in decades. The inventory of homes listed for sale by real estate agents has shrunk, but a growing inventory of foreclosures offered for sale else where is becoming larger. The real estate depression has produced a record epidemic of foreclosures, estimated at more than 4-million homes taken back by the banks so far as … [Read more...]

Battling the Credit Crisis with a Credit Check

Battling the Credit Crisis with a Credit Check Those little numbers on your credit report are taking on a whole new life of their own. Not that your credit score hasn't been important before, but it's taking on a more important role since the credit crisis than ever before. Tighter mortgage lending guidelines have seen to that. Earning a high credit score gets consumers better interest rates on mortgages, credit cards and car loans, which … [Read more...]