Housing Predictor Poll Results 2007

Are you worried about the economic future of the U.S.? Survey Shows Majority Worried About Economic Future A large majority of online respondents say they are worried about the economic future of the U.S. Slightly more than 3 out of 4 surveyed say they are worried. The online survey conducted during December, 2007 and completed in January, 2008 found that 76% of all those surveyed said they are worried about the nation’s economic future. … [Read more...]

Worst 25 Housing Market Forecast in 2007

The Worst 25 Housing Markets forecast for 2009 may be found through the menu on the left. … [Read more...]

Four States with Appreciation in Housing Markets

Now There Are Only 4 Real Estate has changed. Only four states remain with enough local housing market appreciation to stay on the Housing Predictor appreciation list for the remainder of 2007. The over-whelming majority of housing markets have deflated throughout the nation. Just four states have regionally vibrant economies enough to be strong enough to weather the nation’s mortgage crisis storm without substantial damage. At the height … [Read more...]

Top 25 Real Estate Markets in 2007

Top 25 Real Estate Market Forecast Editors Note: Access this years Top 25 Markets through the menu on the left. Driven by strong local economies the Top 25 housing markets with the highest forecast appreciation are further proof that all real estate is local in nature, and that despite news reports that the entire nation’s housing markets are depreciating, many states have housing markets that are appreciating strongly. Fifteen states … [Read more...]

Mortgage Plan Assures Recession

The White House mortgage rescue plan to aid subprime borrowers sets in motion a series of events that could send the U.S. economy reeling into a deep recession, perhaps even worse should the government not require lenders to freeze interest rates for many borrowers, according to a Housing Predictor review. More than 2-million subprime mortgages are due to be reset in the next 18 months, and because of falling home values hundreds of thousands … [Read more...]

Land Market is Tumbling

By Mike Colpitts Real estate is proving to be a brutal investment for many speculators, who have purchased land as prices come tumbling down as much as two-thirds from the markets peak. A major U.S. land crisis has resulted from the nearly frozen market, which has the potential to cost billions of dollars in losses for investors and banks. Federal lending guidelines strictly prohibit lending on property less than one year before its last … [Read more...]