2014 Oregon Housing Market


I’m sure you all remember the housing market back in 2010. Home buyer tax credits just expired. A housing market rebound seemed out of reach for most potential buyers and market analysts. Unemployment rates stood high and consumer confidence had plummeted. However, certain states that harbored hope for the future stood out among others. Oregon was one of them. According to a 2010 Fiserv Case-Shiller report, market experts listed Bend, Oregon as o … [Read more...]

Investor Real Estate Market Forecast

Lucky 7 Investor Forecast The Lucky 7 Best Investor Housing Predictor real estate market forecasts for 2008 are intended for investors willing to take a risk buying real estate to make a profit. Housing Predictor forecasts more than 250 local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states and the Lucky 7 Forecast is betting that investors will make a profit in the forecast markets. However, purchasers obtaining financing should be able to handle … [Read more...]

2013 Oregon Housing Market

The sale of existing homes is soaring in Oregon as home prices plummet and lower interest rates drive buyers into the market. But discount priced properties are getting lean in some areas of the state as foreclosures and bank assisted short sales dry-up. The influx, however, of foreclosures is projected to increase in 2012 as lenders release thousands of homes on to the market in Oregon housing markets after formally taking them back from … [Read more...]

Best Real Estate Housing Markets Through 2016

The best housing markets forecast for the next five years are composed of 10 cities scattered from Washington State to Florida. These 10 U.S. cities are projected by Housing Predictor to have the highest probability of appreciating the most for all cities in the nation through 2016. Most of the best real estate markets are centrally located to attract a large number of sizeable employers, and are likely to produce better regional economic … [Read more...]

2012 Oregon Housing Market

Oregon´s real estate market is projected to slightly underperform throughout 2013 compared to the United States in general. By the end of the year, Oregon home prices are expected to dip 0.95 percent. That´s compared an average increase of 0.17 percent in U.S. home prices. Meanwhile, Arizona´s home prices are expected to increase the most at 5.65 percent, and Georgia’s to decline the most at -4.46 percent. Historically, Oregon´s highest a … [Read more...]

Home Inventory Drops to 4-Year Low

By Mike Colpitts Homes listed for sale on the market dropped for the fifth consecutive month, hitting the lowest level in four years. The drop is a positive sign for the housing market, which has seen more home sales in recent months to aid the struggling market. Housing inventory at the end of October dropped 2.2% to 3.33 million existing homes for sale, according to the National Association of Realtors. The inventory represents an … [Read more...]

Home Price Index Shows Six Month Drop

By Mike Colpitts Home prices dropped for six straight months in the U.S., declining by 5.7% on average in January compared to a year earlier, despite the federal governments home buyer tax credit, according to Core Logic. The real estate research firm gathers mortgage data for the lending industry. The drop represented a 1% higher loss in average home values from 2009 levels. The rate was narrowly similar to the Housing Predictor average … [Read more...]

2011 Oregon Housing Market

An over-supply of homes and other residential properties are creating doubts among home buyers accompanied by a weak economy in Oregon, sending home values lower and into what appears to be the initial steps of a double-dip in housing. Growing unemployment in manufacturing, professional services and finance are hurting the economy. A Brookings Institution study found that Portland is one of the hardest hit cities. The study based its … [Read more...]

2010 Oregon Housing Market

As one of the hardest hit states in the country in terms of foreclosures, Oregon will receive $88-million to aid homeowners in the foreclosure crisis. However, slow federal government efforts to help troubled homeowners caught in the crisis will do little to help tens of thousands already losing their homes to bankers. High unemployment, a recessionary economy and an abundance of homes and condos listed for sale in Oregon are hurting its … [Read more...]