Housing Market Predictions for the 2015 Connecticut Housing Market

Connecticut Housing Market

According to several sources on the New England real estate market, in 2014, the overall performance of the single family home and condo markets in Connecticut performed rather solidly and predictably. The sales volume and average sales prices matched those posted for the 2013 Connecticut housing market: 26,340 homes were sold in total, while the average selling price stood at $411,400 in 2014. Condo sales gained impressive grounds last year, on … [Read more...]

Housing Market Predictions for the 2015 Rhode Island Housing Market

2015 Rhode Island Housing Market

Roughly since 2012 onwards, the Rhode Island housing market has been on an upward trend, as home prices were on the up and up and the economy of the United States as a whole strengthened. The 2013 Rhode Island housing market, for instance, proved that the emergence of the new economy, typified by businesses such as Amazon and Google, can positively impact the industry. By and large, real estate experts' housing market predictions for the 2015 R … [Read more...]

Use the Craigslist Boston Apartments Page to Score the Perfect Property

Craigslist Boston Apartments

If you plan on investing in the Boston housing market, 2015 seems like the perfect year to do so. You probably know this if you read our report on the top 25 housing market predictions for 2015. Boston (and the greater Massachusetts real estate market) are poised for greatness in terms of real estate investment this year. It’s really no wonder. With relatively low crime rates (1.34 percent) and a median value for occupied homes of more than $19 … [Read more...]

2015 Massachusetts Real Estate Market Forecast

Massachusetts Real Estate

By and large, most real estate markets in the United States deemed 2014 yet another year that brought them closer to the ever-elusive Holy Grail of complete recovery. The evolution of the 2014 and 2013 Massachusetts housing market, which was in many ways similar to others in New England (and particularly to New Hampshire), was no exception to this rule. Many expect this trend of slow, but certain, bounce-back to continue throughout the year too. … [Read more...]

2015 Vermont Real Estate Market Forecast

Vermont Real Estate

Vermont is one of the more affluent states in the U.S. and both economists and housing market experts have reason to believe there is a lot of hope for the future of the state in the coming year. Thus far, the two major sources of forecasts on Vermont’s economy have issued generally positive predictions for the fiscal year that is poised to start on July 1, 2015. In the following, we’ll be taking a peek at the general economic outlook for Ver … [Read more...]

2015 New Hampshire Real Estate Market Forecast

New Hampshire Real Estate

New Hampshire, also known as the Granite State, is one of the country’s traditionally best-faring economies. That’s not news for anyone with so much as a remote interest in the larger economic picture. In 2014, the New Hampshire Real Estate Market performed just as well as we expected it to. It came out at the top, or close to the top, of the national charts for several key indicators, including life standards, life quality, health care, fiscal en … [Read more...]

2015 Maine Housing Market

Maine Housing Market

In 2014, the Maine housing market improved on a year-to-year basis. Click here to read a past forecast for the Maine housing market for comparison. Home sales in the Portland area rose by 4.2 percent compared to 2013. The 551 single family housing units purchased in 2014 comes close to the 2005 record of 570 and also marks the city’s third consecutive year of increasing sales numbers. However, this performance is still lower that the 21.3 percent … [Read more...]

Real Estate Investing for Beginners

Real Estate Investing for Beginners

On first glance, real estate investment seems simple enough in regard to generating additional income. Buy some sort of property for a set amount of money, fix it up, and then sell it for more or rent it out for a renewable source of liquidity). In actuality, the process never ends up this simple. These days, a real estate investor can profit from a joint venture, property wholesales, and successful property management. However, the market re … [Read more...]

The Top 25 Housing Market Predictions for 2015

The Top 25 Housing Market Predictions for 2015

Fortune, one of America’s leading financial magazines, recently held a panel discussion among experts within the housing market industry. The editors asked them what the market will look like over the coming year. Most experts provided vague and even confounding answers: “mysterious.” The main takeaway here is that the beginning of 2015 found most housing market prices on par with the prices posted back during the housing market boom. We can no lo … [Read more...]

2014 Kentucky Housing Market

2014 Kentucky Housing Market

The forecast for the 2013 Kentucky housing market paints the picture of a diverse landscape in terms the overall home sales throughout the state. Most significantly, this forecast draws attention to the more positive aspects of the Louisville market. The 2008 recession didn't hit the Louisville area as hard as the rest of the state. However, the real estate market in the area did need to make some adjustments to better meet these predictions. 2013 … [Read more...]