2014 Montana Housing Market


Like most markets throughout the U.S., the Montana housing market experienced positive growth in 2013. The uptick began as a trickle. But, the market’s steady pace encouraged buyers, sellers, and market analysts alike with a sense of renewed hope. By mid 2013, the number of single family housing units for sale increased by 14.8 percent on the year according to the Montana Association of Realtors. Up to that point, Montana’s housing market sold … [Read more...]

2014 Wyoming Housing Market


The 2014 Wyoming housing market stands among the top in housing markets that were hit particularly hard by both the recession and its aftermath. Our economy took a comparatively long time to recover. Speaking to the members of his association this past May 2014, the President of the Wyoming Association of Realtors described “the warm breezes of a recovering housing market.” Randall Hall mentioned prices on the rise, lower inventories, and … [Read more...]

2014 Colorado Housing Market


Of all the housing markets in the US, the Colorado housing market bounced back the quickest following the aftermath of the housing bubble, recession, and economic downturn of 2008. Denver's metropolitan housing market perfectly illustrates the entire state’s positive outlook for both 2014 and the following twelve months. In spring 2013, Denver experienced a regular price boom which experts partially accredit to the massive number of foreclosures … [Read more...]

2014 New Mexico Housing Market

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The New Mexico housing market experienced some rough times in the aftermath of the 2008 recession. But, things appear to be improving now that the second quarter of 2014 ended. Experts claim that the 2014 New Mexico housing market is experiencing a slow uptick. It also experienced some notable improvements along with accolades from experts around the country. What does the rest of the year have in store for the real estate market in New Mexico? … [Read more...]

2014 Utah Housing Market


News for the 2014 Utah housing market is looking reasonably positive. Unless some sort of dramatic, unforeseen event disturbs the market’s scales, experts predict that the trends of general recovery will slowly continue in Utah and nation-wide. The slow recovery trend experienced by the 2014 Utah housing market first began in 2012. The market trend appeared to follow status quo through 2013 as well. Once again, experts predict that this trend … [Read more...]

2014 Idaho Housing Market


The Idaho housing market never did seem to regain momentum following the real estate bubble burst that lead to the recession. However, the first two quarters of 2014 brought on an unexpected trend toward normalization. This normalization is especially apparent in the Boise area. As the data shows, the state experienced the usual seasonal fluctuations in buyer demand and seller offer. Much like the rest of the continental United States, the levels … [Read more...]

2014 Nevada Housing Market


Forecasting the real estate market in Nevada has historically proven quite difficult given its highly dynamic nature. However, the 2012-2014 period proved particularly challenging for market analysts. The recession, its aftermath, and the slow pace of economic recovery in the state provided many difficulties in the prediction process. In most states, market analysts steer clear from mentioning the formation of another housing bubble. When it … [Read more...]

2014 Washington Housing Market

Washington Housing Markets in 2014

A view of the 2014 Washington Housing Market at the end of this year’s first quarter paints the picture of a balanced and rather stable market. However, several market trends are creating cause for concern for most analysts. Perhaps the most prominent cause of concern is the low supply of available housing units. According to Stephen O’Connor, the director of the Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies at the University of Washington, low supply … [Read more...]

2014 Arizona Housing Market


Arizona’s housing market took a harder hit than most other states during the recession. That fact is no longer news to us. The state is still a good two or three years away from making a full recovery to pre recession economics. Most reports predict a surprisingly stable and balanced 2014 Arizona housing market. By and large, experts expect housing supply to meet demands, prices to continue to rise (yet remain at affordable levels), and mortgage … [Read more...]

2014 Oregon Housing Market


I’m sure you all remember the housing market back in 2010. Home buyer tax credits just expired. A housing market rebound seemed out of reach for most potential buyers and market analysts. Unemployment rates stood high and consumer confidence had plummeted. However, certain states that harbored hope for the future stood out among others. Oregon was one of them. According to a 2010 Fiserv Case-Shiller report, market experts listed Bend, Oregon as … [Read more...]